System Restore problem

  woofwoofbark 15:08 18 Jun 2006

Hi , I have been trying to change my TCP settings to increase download speeds , view click here too se what I mean ... thing is , i'm not the best with comps and cant have followed thier instructions all that well becuase my comp ws running slower after the 'tweaks' ... but my point is , I tried to restore my comp to an earlier setting but system restore wouldnt work for me i'd get a message when the comp rebooted reading 'restoration incomplete' and having read threads in here and checked the net , I decided to turn off system restore/reboot and then save a new restore from that point ... but for some reason when i right click My Computer and click properties there is no system restore tab ... i followed instructions too start>all programs>accessories>system tools>system restore but have a popup message saying 'system restore is not able to protect your computer,please restart your computer and then run system restore again' I have tried a few times but keep getting the same message , I then found a away to try to enable system restore ... control panel > performance and maintanence > admininstitive tools > services then open properties for System restore service and click start ... but i get a message 'cannot start system restore on local computer error 5 access denied ....

I have since ran sfc /scannow but didnt work and even an XP repair through my XP cd but no joy

hope someone can help

Windows XP SP2


geo g

  Jak_1 15:11 18 Jun 2006

Turning off 'System Restore' clears all old restore points. Check that it is enabled in the control panel.

  woofwoofbark 15:15 18 Jun 2006

I see an icon that says System and have double clicked it , it opens up the properties as when I right click My Computer , still no System Restore Tab

  SANTOS7 15:17 18 Jun 2006

i think error 5 is a registry problem as it would prompt you to turn it back on if you wanted to use "system restore"
need to do a bit more delving...

  SANTOS7 15:21 18 Jun 2006

you may learn a valuable lesson after this geo g i have looked at this website and it looks a bit dodgy to me, best bit of advice for now is to look at (when its fixed) backing up your registry before you start changing anything in it..........

  Jak_1 15:32 18 Jun 2006

Control Panel > System > System Restore. Make sure the 'turn off system restore for all drives' is unchecked.

  SANTOS7 15:44 18 Jun 2006

Start RUN and type REGEDIT
Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore.
If a "DisableSR" value doesn't exist, go to the Edit menu, select New, DWORD value, and create the value.
Set the value to 1 to disable System Restore or 0 to enable System Restore.

follow instructions to see what value you have , but as you have no restore points as such this will only reenable system restore for future reference it is not going to help with undoing the tweeks that have slowed your PC down...

  woofwoofbark 16:06 18 Jun 2006

The value was set to 0 , I changed it to 1 and the System Restore tab has reappeared on system properties but when I try to untick Turn Off system restore , after ticking apply I get a message saying 'System Restore encountered a error trying to enable/disable one or more drives,please restart your machine and try again' ive restarted but no joy

  SANTOS7 16:12 18 Jun 2006

try Setting System Restore to only monitor the C:\ drive, and made sure there
is sufficient free disk space on the drive. See if this setting stays.

the link may help..

click here

  woofwoofbark 00:58 19 Jun 2006

The tab on System Prperties keeps disapearing when I close the properties ... I have to goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore and change the value to 1 to restore everytime I want to access the Restore tab , when I untick the box to enable Restore all my drives are greyed out and I cant access them :/ ...

I'm stuck as what to try next

geo g

  skidzy 01:18 19 Jun 2006

Q. How can I verify that the System Restore services are running on my computer?

Use the following procedure:

To verify that System Restore services are running from Control Panel:


Click Start, Control Panel, then Performance and Maintenance


Click Administrative Tools, Computer Management, then Services and Applications.


Click Services, and then click System Restore Services. Ensure the service is set to Automatic and the status is Started

To verify that System Restore services are running using the command prompt:


Click Start, Run, then type CMD in the control box


Press Enter, then type Net Start at the command prompt

Ive just done a little research into your problem and found the above from click here
Not sure if this will cure your problem but may lead to a solution.

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