System Restore Points - How Far Back

  lightfeet 22:31 13 Feb 2005

How far should I be able to go back in System Restore Points? I can only access the current month. I wanted to restore to a point in January but nothing happens when I click "previous". Have I got something set up incorrectly?

  hugh-265156 22:42 13 Feb 2005

if you feel a month or restore points is to not enough click:

start/control panel/system/system restore/settings

drag the slider to allowcate some more space that system restore can use.

  hugh-265156 22:43 13 Feb 2005

excuse spelling sorry.

  dan11 22:47 13 Feb 2005

No. You probably have every thing set up fine.

The thing with system restore is that it normally uses 12% of your C hard drive space. Now if your C drive is on the small side, then you do not have a lot of system restore points. i.e. each restore point uses a set amount of Mbs for each restore. So the larger the C drive > the larger the system restore folder > the more system restore points. They can go back 3 months IF the folder is large enough.

Sometimes people have less system restore points because they reduce the size of the system restore folder. There is a slider that can be moved from 12% down to 1%. They do this so they can reclaim usable hard drive space.

To check > check the total size of your C drive. Then go to control panel > system > system restore > C drive > settings. What is the percentage saved for the restore and how many Mbs is it?

  lightfeet 23:40 13 Feb 2005

The slider is set to Max 12% (11447MB). The 100GB C Drive is quite full with video files & has only 19GB free space. In addition I have recently installed a 200GB Drive, partitioned 50GB + 50GB + 100GB which doesn’t have much on it at present. Presumably if I move some of my video files from C to the 200GB drive, System Restore will take over some of this extra free space on C?

  dan11 23:51 13 Feb 2005


With 11.5 gig of system restore, you should be able to restore it back to Noah.;-)

The usual size for system restore is about 1gig, yours is 11 times that size. So why it is not going back further, I don't know.

You have tried the back arrow on the calender, to change the month?

  THE TERMINATOR 00:02 14 Feb 2005

set-up system restore to 12% on your 200gig drive then you will be sble to save the maximum restore points....TT

  dan11 06:14 14 Feb 2005

Surely that is just going to restore the files on the slave hard drive and not the system drive, C. It will restore all files on the slave hard drive but will use 24gig just for restore, a bit excesive.;-)

  lightfeet 08:02 14 Feb 2005

Thanks for all your replies. I've tried the back arrow to go back to the previous month but nothing happens. This isn't causing too much of a problem but I was just wondering why I couldn't go back further.

  ventanas 08:46 14 Feb 2005

Normally System Restore creates a new restore point every 24 hours and retains them for ninety days.

If you want to change these it is necessary to chane the RPGlobalInterval value found in HKLM\Software\Microsoft\WindowsNT\CurrentVersion\SystemRestore. The setting should say 86400 (seconds). As an example, halve this to 43200 if you want to create restore points every twelve hours.

If you want to change the deletion time change the RPLifeInterval setting. Its default should be 7,776,600 seconds (ninety days)

  mbp 10:47 14 Feb 2005

huggyp71: there are a lot of little programs that could assist you with your problem. If you are using the Internet Explorer Browser use "iespell", if you are using the Firefox browser download their add-on "spellbound". Both free, with small footprints.Use Google.

Restore Points: I believe that once the restore point has been deleted from the computer, due to insufficient space allocation or otherwise, you cannot go back to that restroe point any longer. I have not found a way to recover a removed restore point.

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