System Restore only 2days worth of restore points?

  buel 23:19 08 Jan 2010

Hello all!
Ok, my question is can i perform a system restore to earler than the 8 points quoted when i attempt a system restore? Im using Vista and unfortunately the 8 restore points only cover the last 2 days.....please please please tell me i can?

  Sea Urchin 23:34 08 Jan 2010

On the window where you choose the date to restore back to there is a button which says "Choose a different restore point". If you have already done that then you cannot go any further back than that.

  buel 23:54 08 Jan 2010

Damn!! :o( Thanks for that, yes there are only the 8 most recent points that were made automatically when certain programs updated etc. That is a pain as they are only for the last 2 days! Ok, is there any way i can get System Restore to store more restore points than what it currently does please?

  BRYNIT 00:06 09 Jan 2010

If you have gone to "choose a different restore point" it should shows a maximum of 9 restore points, if you have only 8 showing you will not find any more. If you have 9 showing put a tick in the box show restore points older than 5 days this will show older restore points..

  Sea Urchin 00:13 09 Jan 2010

As per BRYNIT's post - the second screen down shows the "older than 5 days" button.

click here

However, in my system it shows ALL restore points of 5 days ago or less - regardless of how many.

  GaT7 00:34 09 Jan 2010

"Ok, is there any way i can get System Restore to store more restore points than what it currently does please?"

From the SR FAQs click here:

"How long are restore points saved?

Restore points are saved until the hard disk space System Restore reserves is filled up. As new restore points are created, old ones are deleted. If you turn off System Protection (the feature that creates restore points) on a disk, all restore points are deleted from that disk. When you turn System Protection back on, new restore points are created."

So if you need SR to store more restore points for a longer period than you have it at present, you'll need to allocate more hard disk space for it. click here shows how to do it (in Win7, which should be similar to Vista).

Why do you feel you need more restore points? G

  buel 07:50 09 Jan 2010

Hi, thanks for the great advice/help!!
To Crossbow7, the reason i want more restore points is in the hope that i can avoid problems like i currently have where the restore points are only 2 days old!
I hope this makes sense!

  mooly 08:12 09 Jan 2010

To avoid problems (my opinion... may will disagree) is to ditch system restore completely... it's a get out of jail card at best... and use Acronis.
System restore get's you back working if you are lucky... it doesn't restore back to how it all was when the problem appeared as it works only on system files etc.
Use Acronis, make an image of the complete clean Vista install including all updates to date, and save as a "recovery image". Then install your programs and do regular backups.

  buel 09:31 09 Jan 2010

Thanks for that, i like your opinion!!
Wouldn't this use up quite a lot of hard drive space on an external drive?

  mooly 11:21 09 Jan 2010

My Vista install and programs and data take up 17gb or so on the C drive.
I make running incremental backups to the D partiton, and the "full" or first backup is around 8.5gb in size with Acronis, and each daily incremental add on around 0.4 to 0.5gb.
After a week, start a new sequence off... never have more than 6 or so incrementals in any one "tree".
System restore isn't exactly light on space either.

  buel 13:15 09 Jan 2010

I think where i have been going wrong is i have been making total back-ups of around 108gb a time rather than incremental!!

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