system restore not working

  bornablue 20:42 21 Oct 2004

hi can anybody help? my system restore will not restore,my xp firewall keeps turning itself off and to top my day off media player tries to play on startup even though i've deleted it. i have sygate firewall,spybot,avg,cwshredder,spysubtract
and spywareblaster. oh and i've just deleted sp2

thanks in advance

  howard60 21:42 21 Oct 2004

either run a registry cleaner or reinstall windows

  THE TERMINATOR 21:43 21 Oct 2004

Are you sure it is not turned off. Right click MY COMPUTER icon and System Restore tab....T

  THE TERMINATOR 00:31 24 Oct 2004

Sorry, that should read MY COMPUTER icon and choose properties from the resulting menu, choose the restore tab and make sure system restore is not turned off....T

  SANTOS7 00:39 24 Oct 2004

running two firewalls will create software conflict use one or the other but not both.

  SANTOS7 00:45 24 Oct 2004

click here this may help,good luck.........

  bornablue 23:15 30 Oct 2004

thanks a lot for that. stopped me pulling my(thinning) hair out cheers.

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