System Restore new lappy - Should it take THIS long?

  AngeTheHippy 09:23 06 May 2013

Morning Chaps, New Samsung windows 7 laptop 1 week old, has been fine until today, 'there are no networks available' (or words to that effect) which is rubbish, I have 2 others connected, this laptop and a tablet. Decided to do a Sys restore - it started 28 MINUTES ago, it's at the 'please wait while your windows files and settings are being restored, system restore is restoring the registry' I'm very concerned about this, it IS doing something, the blue circle is turning (thinking!)and the hdd blue light is gently flickering so not dead. WHAT'S HAPPENING, should I just leave it? I still don't understand WHY it couldn't find ANY networks (usually about 7 on the list).

a VERY concerned AngetheHippy x

  johndrew 09:35 06 May 2013

System Restore should only take around 5 minutes from selecting it to being re-booted. There is something definitely wrong and I am wondering whether it is hardware or software. My feeling is that it could be hardware with the OS loaded and some activity but no resolution.

Given its age I suggest it should be down to the vendor.

  AngeTheHippy 09:43 06 May 2013

Morning johndrew, thanks for replying. well! It took 42 minutes in total, it's up and working fine now... however, I seem to be having another problem, this time with Avast free, suddenly turning into Avast pro, but it's a common problem apparently and am reading Avast users forum for the answer.

Will certainly keep an eye on the OS though; on the plus side it DOES have a 5-year warrenty (HW) and normal 1 year, so... fingers crossed1!

Ange x

  onthelimit1 09:51 06 May 2013

I too have had this problem with Avast. After years of using it, I've switched those 2 PCs to MSE.

  tullie 11:03 06 May 2013

Have had no probs with Avast Free

  AngeTheHippy 11:20 06 May 2013

Morning onthelimit1 & tullie, I think I've got a 'soft spot' for Avast ... lol. Been to the Avast user group and others have had the same prob with free & pro versions, I've d/loaded their removal tool and re-installed the FREEEE version. IF it happens again, I'll need to think of MSE, I guess. Laptop still behaving network-wise, btw.

Ange x

  Ian in Northampton 12:24 06 May 2013

You do have to be very careful with Avast Free - when they upgrade the software (rather than just the virus database) it's very easy to click on the wrong button - and you find you've inadvertently upgraded to the paid for version.

  johndrew 16:25 06 May 2013

The cause is likely to have been Avast deciding to check everything as the Restore progressed. I seem to remember reading of a similar case somewhere but had forgotten it until it was mentioned here. Whilst Avast is a good AV it can do too much at times which is why I prefer MSE - having used several free offerings over the past few years.

Anyway, glad all is resolved.

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