System restore needed that can 2-3 weeks ago

  julius44 15:42 24 Dec 2009

Hello there, my friend has just range me that she's got a slight problem on her laptop, which is vista.....and i told her to do a system restore...but it will only go back as far as dec 17th,.....we need it to go back to at least december the latest or at least anytime first week in december. Any way to do this pls?? We tried to create a system restore point but it would only give 17th dec as the earliest,.....and thats where the problem lies....we need it to go back further then 17th

  Pamy 16:39 24 Dec 2009

If it's not there, then it's not there i'm afraid.

  julius44 16:43 24 Dec 2009

thanks there def no way then??? I thot system restore,....that u can make system restore go back more???

  BRYNIT 16:48 24 Dec 2009

Under system restore I assume that friend has selected choose a different restore point this will only show the last 5 days. Below this list you should see a box show restore points older than 5 days put a tick in box. If more restore point are available they will show.

  Pamy 16:53 24 Dec 2009

sugestion does not work I can only advise your friend in future to make her own restore point every week.

  julius44 18:17 24 Dec 2009

The main problem why she wishes to do this is becos, there are 2 users on the laptop,....and she can no longer get internet access via her own user account, but the 2nd user account works fine with internet access. She's scanned for viruses, but thers nothing.......her own user account has a password, but the 2nd one has no password,.....any suggestions pls??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:16 26 Dec 2009

Check the network connection settings are the same for the two accounts and reset the wireless security key for her account.

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