SYSTEM RESTORE-My Computer was running slow

  User-312386 23:46 04 Nov 2004

Hi all

Just a little note for you folks who may notice a slow down in your Pc's using windows XP.

I had not used the system restore function for a long time (i use drive image) and thought i would do a test over the last 7 days.

What i did was turn on system restore (to turn on/off, right click My Computer>Properties>system restore tab) and see how the system faired.

Well i was surprised at the slowdown over the seven days and how much HDD space it used up. My test computer is a XP2200 1GBRAM ATI Radeon Pro 128DDR card with 80GB HDD

After the week i noted that i had 23.1gb HDD free space, i turned off system restore and gained .7gb(approx 700mb).

The computer has now returned to its normal fast speed.

Just goes to show how something that helps can sometimes hinder.

P.S. DO NOT turn off system restore if you do not really know what you are doing

  hugh-265156 23:56 04 Nov 2004

7gigs is 7168MB

to stop system restore using up valuable drive space click: 'start/control panel/system/system restore' then click 'settings' and reduce the ammount of space it takes up on your drive.

3-4% on my 80gig + 40gig drives gives me a few weeks worth of restore points to choose from. depends on size of your drive. i find this doesnt slow the computer at all.

  User-312386 23:59 04 Nov 2004

I said .7 (point 7) of a gig

  VoG II 00:00 05 Nov 2004

Not a good idea if you might want to restore.

  SANTOS7 00:07 05 Nov 2004

Q. Does System Restore cause any performance loss?
A. System Restore does not cause any noticeable performance impact when monitoring your computer. The creation of a Restore point also is a very fast process and usually takes only a few seconds. Scheduled System Checkpoints (every 24 hours by default) are created only at system idle time to avoid interfering with a computer during use

  User-312386 00:12 05 Nov 2004

This is why i did the test

And in my opinion (a humble one at that) it does slow the system down

  hugh-265156 00:17 05 Nov 2004

sorry madboy33©® i read incorectly missed the .

it shouldnt affect performance even if set a max unless you are running low on disk space.

  SANTOS7 00:37 05 Nov 2004

click here the information i posted came from here so if your pc is slowing down noticably it may well be nothing to do with ssystem restore

  dan 11 09:16 05 Nov 2004

I have just ran a new restore point, with windows task manager open. The cpu usage went from 2% to 50% for about 2 seconds and then returned to it's usual 2%.There was no extra usage of physical memory.

This seems to confirm your point on it not affecting performance.

I use true image as a backup, but still want my system restore for a quick get out if I have a problem.

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