System Restore - movement of photos within My Docs

  amyfleur 16:00 26 Jan 2005

Today I copied (well I meant to) approx. 700mb of photos from a couple of dozen or so folders in My Pictures to a temporary folder so that I could delete some of them and then copy the bulk of them onto a CD-R disk for viewing on a DVD player with MPG viewing facility.

However, I think I may have 'moved' some of the photos instead of 'copying' them - I was using Ctrl and dragging the photos to the temp folder. I now think I may have forgotten to use the Ctrl tab once of twice which means that when I delete the temp folder I will have lost any photos that I dragged over.

If I do a system restore to say yesterday, will the photos - that I may have moved to the temp file and then deleted - be restored back in their original folders?

I have all the photos in My Pictures linked to a Kodak programme for viewing, printing etc., so I could go through them all in that programme and check for missing links but it would take ages and ages!

So if system restore would do the trick then that would be good.

  sattman 16:19 26 Jan 2005

Restore does not monitor all files so it may not restore your photos.
click here;%5BLN%5D;267951

But if all else fails it would be trying top restore

Have you looked to see if you are able to get them from the recycle bin?

  sattman 16:23 26 Jan 2005

Or this
click here;%5BLN%5D;267951

  amyfleur 17:04 26 Jan 2005

When I try your links I'm getting:

The Requested Web Page is Not Available

Regards the Recylce Bin - the only photos that I deleted were from the temp folder that I set up. But if I 'moved' photos from My Pictures, as I suspect, then I don't know which ones to move back.

I might try the restore anyway - I've only written emails today, nothing to lose really.

  huzzar 17:32 26 Jan 2005

System restore will not touch any files in "My Documents or any emails so I don't think it will answer your dillemma

  sattman 21:49 26 Jan 2005

But can you not restore the files that you deleted in the temp folder from the recycle bin.

  anchor 13:20 27 Jan 2005

I think this is the page sattman refers ro:

click here

Note: TinyURL overcomes problems with long URL`s

click here

  amyfleur 13:43 27 Jan 2005

anchor: thanks for the links, especially the 2nd one - very useful.

sattman: if I restore the files I deleted to the recycle bin, they will only go back into the temp folder - I don't know which ones I 'moved' from which of the 2 dozen or so original folders, as the majority of them are named as 'dates' not obvious names like 'flowers' or 'holiday 2004' etc.

If I don't put them back into the correct folder the links in Kodak album won't be there and therefore will not view them.

Never mind, I will have to go into my Kodak album and look for the broken links, write down the property name and then drag the lost 'boys' back into their original folder in My Pictures.

Bit long winded but hopefully will do the job.

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