System Restore isn't restoring my system

  Graphicool1 18:54 23 Jun 2012

Windows 7

When I set a System Restore Point, everything appears to run swimmingly. It go through all the stages and says it's done it. Leaving me with a warm rosy glow of confidence, that if anything untowold should happen, then I have a fail safe. Not so!

At such times recently that I have felt the need to run a System Restore, it shows me an impressive long selection list. I select one, it then runs through the usual preamble till I press the final button. The system then goes into reboot mode. Prior to closing it says it's loading the selected Restore Point. Goes off, comes back on and brings up a window that informs me that nothing has been changed and would I like to select another Restore Point? But nomatter which one I select the answer is the same.

It does the System Backups, or at least it appears to, as the external HDD I use for this is filling up. But the reality is of course that there isn't any real way to know what it is or isn't doing until the chips are down and you have a need. Then and only then the truth becomes crystal!

  Woolwell 18:57 23 Jun 2012

A system restore isn't the same as a system back up. System restore doesn't restore data eg documents, etc. but does put the registry and system back to wear it was before a later program, driver or update was installed.

I am not sure what you are expecting.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:58 23 Jun 2012

Switch off system restore, reboot, switch back on. (all your restore points will be lost


Also try sfc /scannow in the search box for a repair of missing / corrupt windows files may also fix the system restore.

  Graphicool1 19:29 23 Jun 2012

Hi Woolwell

"A system restore isn't the same as a system back up"

You are correct and I am fully aware of the difference.

"I am not sure what you are expecting"

More hoping really for a miracle my friend, a miracle. But just when you feel that you have taken every precaution, shut and bolted all the doors. Life still has a way of finding your weak spots and all is left to say is...C'est la vie

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\

Yeah I did the 'sfc'. I just wanted to see if there was anything new that I could do to save the Restore Points that I have before going down the 'Off-Reboot-On' road and losing what I have. But I guess if they won't restore my system then I've already lost them. I think they probably went belly up when we had a series of local Power Cuts recently. I believe that impromptu turn offs and bugs can be the problem.

Cheers anyway, time to bite the bullet...Such is Life G1

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:33 23 Jun 2012

Yes one corrupt restore point (due to a hard drive stop while writing) will stop the lot for some reason.

  Woolwell 19:59 23 Jun 2012

What was the problem that meant that you needed a system restore?

I bought a UPS to cope with power outages.

  robin_x 20:38 23 Jun 2012

Sometimes I have found a failed Restore can work by disabling my Antivirus (Avira) and trying again.

But I have long considered the whole thing completely unreliable and rely on Image Backup Restores.

I was put off Time Machine products when I looked at them, since they keep hidden copies of old files and can snaffle huge amounts of disc space.

That may not be a problem with very large HDDs these days and if you are not working with large files all the time.

eg Linux distro isos and video files.

Could be worth a go. They may have improved now since I last looked.

Can't post links...

Search real-time-continuous-backup-freebie gizmos


Comodo time Machine

  Graphicool1 13:30 24 Jun 2012

Hi Woolwell

"I bought a UPS to cope with power outages."

Yes, I was looking at them too. The sense of having such a backup device, was brought home to me (Big Time) last week. I was doing some work on my wifes laptop, while at the same time checking out fixes for it on my desktop. When abruptly the power went down, naturally my PC crashed. But although the lappy was plugged into the mains, it continued without a hiccup. Because of course it has battery backup.

We only moved to this area about 4 months ago and in that short period of time the power has been off 4 or 5 times. For various reasons both planned (Not by me) and unplanned (storms). Before moving here we lived in a rented bungalow on a farm, where the power situation was much the same. I have now decided to stop thinking about getting one but and just get one.

  Graphicool1 14:00 24 Jun 2012

Here's something odd though and before you ask or suggest...No there are no bugs, viruses or malware lurking in my PC. I've done all the tests and checkes and it's as clean as a whistle.

After a brief consultation with the esteemed Fruit Bat /\0/\ I went into 'System Restore' to do the 'Turn Off-Reboot-Turn On' ritual. I clicked 'Configure' and surprise, surprise there to my utter amazement was the answer to the problem!...

System Restore was already turned 'OFF' and further to this under 'Disk Space Usage' Current Usage: 0 and Max Usage: 0

I have now reset it, however, my problem is why, when I go into System Restore is it still offering me a long list of restore points? They even show in CCleaner, the earliest being 10/06/2012 and the last 24/06/2012


To answer an earlier question posed by you...

"What was the problem that meant that you needed a system restore?"

I'm a freeware junkie, I'm always downloding, installing and uninstalling. Sometimes they try or do things to my system that I don't like, so I turn to System Restore to get me out of it. Basically it's the quick answer.

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