System restore HHD on different computer

  awest3 11:23 11 Oct 2013

I think i've got a corrupted system on my XP computer. On startup it goes into BSOD '0x000000FC' which I think is a generic code for lots of faults. I cannot get into safemode of any description. I've checked the HDD which is working ok on my other W7 computer. I've reseated the memory 4x1 gig (but not tested this yet) and I will be reseating the Cpu with new paste. My question is can I do a system restore (the last thing that was updated was windows update and I think that may have caused the issue) on the XP drive which is now running on my W7 system.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:23 11 Oct 2013


Do you have a XP CD same as your system? i.e. XP home or Pro

You can then get into recovery console to do a system restore or do a repair install.

  awest3 12:51 11 Oct 2013

thanks.. I do have a disk. I am about to put it all back together and have also run Malwarebytes against the hdd..all clear...

I'll let you know how it goes

  awest3 13:01 11 Oct 2013

Same error on restart so I'll get the disk..

I have an Acronis backup from 2 weeks ago so I can always restore that. Backup is offsite ( at mother in laws) so if I have to do that it will be tomorrow before I get back.

Thanks again

  awest3 14:37 11 Oct 2013

This is interesting! even through I can read the drive on my w7 machine it's failing with a return code 7 when I run a diagnostics test on the XP machine. Not sure what a RC 7 is I'll look it up and get back.

  awest3 14:49 11 Oct 2013

Gets even more interesting.. Some say HDD anything over 80Gb and you can't trust the results (mines 250Gb) others say its a fault and the disk must be replaced. A lot mention bad sectors.... I'll give the recovery another shot, if no joy I will replace the HDD and do an Acronis recovery. Not quite sure why I can read everything on the HDD via my W7 machine though...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:18 11 Oct 2013

While its in the W7 machine can you do a chkdsk /f on it?

When done put it back and see if it boots.

if not then boot from Xp cd to recovery console and



Press Enter and follow the on-screen prompts to restore to an earlier date/time

  BRYNIT 15:23 11 Oct 2013

Have you checked the hard drive for bad sectors?

Even if it looks OK on your win 7 computer it still could be faulty.

When you boot into windows, files are being read from all parts of the drive if the info can not be read or the file is corrupt you could get the BSOD or even the computer hanging.

  awest3 15:31 11 Oct 2013

Thanks guys... just running a chkdsk /r at the moment.. will get back as soon as its finished.

  awest3 17:43 11 Oct 2013

Chkdsk finished not showing any errors. same BSOD on restart. so will now try some of your suggestions and get back to you.

  awest3 19:05 11 Oct 2013

I'm doing something wrong but can't see what. I'm typing


at the command prompt but its telling me its not a valid command!

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