System restore gone wrong

  Masdon 11:28 04 Jun 2008

I have a acer travelmate laptop that I have tried to restore to factory settings via pressing Alt +f10 at start up which seemed to go fine until it had finished restoring and tried to reboot which point the machine turned off then back on as with a normal restart but stopped on a plain black screen in start up.. Now when I turn the machine on all I get is a quick glimpse of the white acer startup screen before it goes to a plain black screen and stays that way?? Any help would be appreciated


  woodchip 21:25 06 Jun 2008

Looks like you downloaded the wrong image. re-check the site for the correct download

  Masdon 21:57 06 Jun 2008

The download page does'nt seem to say there are any other ISO files available for download so I'm not sure how I've ended up with the wrong one?
if I do manage to get the right ISO how do you rate my chances of getting my laptop up and running again.

  woodchip 22:09 06 Jun 2008

On the site did you click on the one on the left that takes you to a mirror site???

This what it says on the page I posted

* New! Run Ultimate Boot CD from your USB memory stick. A script on the CD prepares your USB memory stick so that it can be used on newer machines that supports booting from USB devices. You can access the same tools as you would from the CD version.

When you boot up from the CD, a text-based menu will be displayed, and you will be able to select the tool you want to run. The selected tool actually boots off a virtual floppy disk created in memory.

  Masdon 12:14 07 Jun 2008

this is the page the link took me to click here
its the overview page
i clicked on the download ubcd link on the left side which takes you to a page where you can download the iso exe or zip from a number of mirror sites .
i downloaded the ubcd iso was that the right one ?
i would'nt be suprised if i had the right iso but my laptop just has'nt responded to it being as it never seems to do anything its supposed to.

if i have downloaded the wrong iso where do i find the right one?

  Masdon 18:12 07 Jun 2008


  sinbads 18:45 07 Jun 2008

have you burned the iso to cd corectly try click here

  Masdon 19:18 07 Jun 2008

I have made a new cd and it has worked and I am now able to access the boot cd tools does anyone know which tools I should use? Sorry for novice questions

  Masdon 21:03 07 Jun 2008

just a reminder of the problem whenever I try to start up the computer I get a quick glimpse of the acer startup screen before it turns black and stays that way. All this has happenned since I tried to run system restore. Now I have ultimate boot cd and wondering how to use it to try and fix the problem

  Grey Goo 21:29 07 Jun 2008

The XF Disk looks like it will repair your MBR if that is the problem.

  woodchip 22:21 07 Jun 2008

You need to run boot tools if there are any first

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