System Restore fails to restore

  jaycup 16:04 18 Sep 2003

I have posted this problem before but have not been able to get a solution. It has happened again so I am having another try.
I want to use System Retore to correct a problem, I check and find a good choice of established restore pointe and choose one. I watch as the files are gathered from the restore point and the system re-boots. I watch again but there is no pause to allow the restored files to be loaded the system boots straight into the desktop and no message appears on screen not even "unable to restore to etc " when I check I find my system is as was with no change. In order to get it back running normally again I have to switch it off re-boot and switch back on again but of course I lose all the restore points which defeats the object. I have had this problem ever since I loaded XP (nearly two years) it is intermittent but it always seems to happen just when you need it most. Any answers.?

  JIM 17:58 18 Sep 2003

Post the link to your original thread so i can recap.

Can you tell us what the problem is that you have correct.

When you say ( I have to switch it off re-boot and switch back on again etc)is that a power switch off?(or normal shutdown?)

  jaycup 22:41 18 Sep 2003

You have taken me too literally I do not have a problem now because I have solved it another way what I am asking for is help re my system restore problem which is all as I explained. On occasions it will not create a restore point for whatever reason. When I talk about 'switching' off and on I refer to the system restore function itself as this is the recognised way of curing any problems but you lose all your previous data as I explained so the oppportunity to use this as a means of curing a current problem is lost.What I need to know is why does syatem restor behave in this manner, has anyone else experienced this or is it unique to my system.

  jaycup 22:44 18 Sep 2003

Sorry error in my previous submission I should have said "will not restore a restore point".It creates restore points without problem.

  VoG II 22:50 18 Sep 2003
  JIM 23:48 18 Sep 2003

Ok got your drift so,can you use System Restore to restore your computer to any restore point if you start up in safe mode.(just to see if it will succeed) I dont mean for you to create restore point in safe mode,as that cant be done.

  choffe 00:06 19 Sep 2003

sure, you can undo restore points anyhow, aslong as you havent wiped any serious files or compressed the data in the mean time..
system restore is a bit of a joke really, all you do is hide and unhide programs, but it is handy for that wrong directory now and again. get yourself a program like "restore-it!" and install that instead, but you will have to disable windows sys restore or you will endup getting error messages like, lost file fragments unable to fix.. etc. or unable to create restore point at this time.. been there done that and lost lots of hair working it out.. hope it helps.

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