System Restore Disk!

  BigMan24 22:57 13 Sep 2004

Hi folks, I don't want to sound silly, but i was hoping for some good advice.

I started another thread about formatting my hard drive a couple of days ago. click here

Anyway, the problem is that I want to format my hard drive and start over, but I've not got a full copy of XP, i only got a System Restore Disk wi my pc.

So I booted up the system restore disk, and it reinstalled windows, it took about 45 mins. Then when it was finished i noticed all the old programs were still on my hard drive.

This wasn't quite what I was after! I thot when booting up with the system restore disk it would return my pc to te exact state it was in when i bought it.

Do u think there is a way so that I can format my hard drive then boot up windows using thes restore disk?

Or do u think it would just be best to format my hard drive and go out and buy a full copy of XP?


  Diodorus Siculus 23:00 13 Sep 2004

Many restore disks give the option of a full restore, or a curative restore, the latter being non-destructive. Be sure that you chose the right option.

Otherwise, boot with a floppy and format, then boot with your restore disk and clear off everything. Just be sure to read all documentation.

As Ds say's you get three choices the first is usualy set by default,this been the less severe just restores windows files,two is normally a quick format which saves some old files and three is oh my god everything is gone and it back to the oringal as bought condition.My Advent still saves the old files to the old disc structure file,why I don't know

  turnip 60 23:31 13 Sep 2004

Hi, Every time I boot up I get a Windows error message 'General Protection FaultError, Please Delete file'.
Can anyone advise me where to start looking for this fault or how to get rid of the message.
I have windowsXP pro.

  turnip 60 23:32 13 Sep 2004

sorry wrong window

  TomJerry 23:46 13 Sep 2004

You can get other free softwares to format HDD first IF YOU ARE SURE YOU DO NOT NEED ANYTHING ON HDD.

I found that the Ultimate BootCD has many useful tools for many tasks click here.

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