System Restore Discs

  Buchan 35 19:29 04 May 2005

Iv`e got Windows ME system restore discs that used to be on my PC. If I give them to a friend to install on his PC (a) Will They install? and (b) Is this legal, bearing in mind that he will have the correct Key and the authentification label? and finally (c) If he tries to use the disc what is the worst that can happen? Your help and expertise will be most appreciated.

  961 19:37 04 May 2005

A If the system is the same then probably. Otherwise, probably not

B No it's not

C You'll get a roasting from most members of this forum for even thinking about it

  Demora 19:37 04 May 2005

I think the ruling is 'If you're not using it AT ALL' then it should be ok.

I bought Win Me and ran it for a time on My Other half's pc till it died and then he got a shiny new one with XP so I gave my old me disk and book and licence to my MIL.

I've never used ME It was one OS upgrade I bought but didn't install on any of my pc's Just his.


  961 19:41 04 May 2005

Yes, but system restore disks relate to OEM software. You bought a retail version which is ok so long as it is only on the one computer

  Buchan 35 19:54 04 May 2005

Firstly I`m not using it at all. I`ve got Win XP Pro SP2 safely installed. To 961, my last question was asked , not from a moralistic point of view but from a technical point of view. I`ll review my wording by asking : " is it likely to have a deleterious effect on my friends computer?"

  woodchip 19:54 04 May 2005

It will not work as the config is for a entirely different computer

  Dart Echo 20:48 04 May 2005

a-- worth a try.
c-- no harm will be done.

d-- unlikely to work.

Good luck anyway!

  madPentium 22:42 04 May 2005

I dont think bill gates will go bankrupt for old software being transferred to another pc thats no longer in use, oem or not. oem is a farce anyway, look how many web sites are openly selling oem and microsoft does nothing. I think oem should be stopped by MS, dell get oem windows for next to nothing while smaller computer manufacturers have to pay a lot more. It should be one price for everyone.

  Buchan 35 23:17 04 May 2005

Thanks everyone, good input

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