System Restore on computer with dual boot system

  douglas1973 19:39 22 Sep 2008

I run a dual boot system on my computer: Windows Vista Home Premium on D drive and Windows XP on a separate C Drive. C Drive is partioned to accomodate System Recovery software(E drive).The C drive was configured by HP on my Compaq Presario desktop prior to purchase.
Unfortunately System Restore never works in the D drive containing Windows Vista. I have not tried a System Restore on the C drive as I only really use it to run Quicken which is not compatible with Vista (another story....). Somewhere I have seen that this is a problem that occurs on dual boot systems such as mine but can't remember if there is any solution. Can someone please provide me with a solution?

  brundle 20:41 22 Sep 2008
  BRYNIT 20:43 22 Sep 2008

This might answer your question click here.

  douglas1973 19:33 24 Sep 2008

Thanks brundle and BRYNIT. I am not an "Absolute Beginner" (should have used the "Helproom" forum instead, I suppose) but I don't feel competent enough to make big changes to the Registry. I think I will leave things as they are and stick to creating every month a mirror image of my D drive (running Vista)on my external drive using Acronis True Image and also automatically synchronize and back up emails, photos, documents, etc. to the same external drive using GoodSync. Both excellent programs that I recommend.

  Zeppelyn 21:45 26 Sep 2008

Douglas, Dont be afraid of the registry, the workaround proposed by Brundle is quite simple and works a treat.

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