system restore ... an alternative ???

  MJS WARLORD 17:56 22 Apr 2017

i have been geeking since 2003 and the only pc i ever got system restore you work on was xp , maybe i am just unlucky... i now have the same problem with both a shop bought pc and a pc specialist built rig both running windows 10 .. i got the op system on disc for the custom built rig.....

i made a recovery program on a usb pen just in case the windows creator program caused me any problems.... the 3 options to use it are , refresh pc without loosing files , automatic repair and reset pc...

as sys restore wont work could i use the refresh option as a type of system restore and make a newer version of the recovery pen every so often.

  Forum Editor 18:28 22 Apr 2017

"i have been geeking since 2003"

Not too successfully, by the sound of it. People use the Windows system restore point process all the time without any problems. In Windows 10 you should rarely have to resort to it, the OS is extremely stable.

When you say that system restore doesn't work, what do you mean, exactly - are there visible restore points, and are you being offered a list to select form, or what?

Being unable to use system restore on two machines does sound as though there's possible a problem other than a Windows fault - it's most unusual.

"i made a recovery program on a usb pen just in case the windows creator program caused me any problems"

What recovery program did you 'make' and has the Windows 10 Creator update caused you problems? Major new updates of any operating system always cause problems for some people, but so far we haven't seen a large number being flagged in our forums.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:30 22 Apr 2017

windows 10 seems to have system restore switched off by default.

Best way is to download an run Macrium reflect free and make both an image of your system drive and your data drives to an external drive on a regular basis.

You can delete old images to save space. I keep at least two images just in case.

The au update screwed my PC last year - all the windows resotre failed -system restore, system image - reset with data and reset without data. If I hadn't had an Macrium image I would have lost everything.

Make an image before attempting any big updates

  Forum Editor 18:42 22 Apr 2017

*Fruit Bat /\0/*

I must be unique - system protection is turned on for all my machines - I have not had to manually switch it on.

To turn on system protection:-

Type 'system restore' into the Windows 10 search box and click on 'create a restore point'.

You'll see a tabbed dialogue box that is open at the system protection tab. Your drives will be listed, with their current protection state indicated.

Click the 'Configure' button to turn automatic system restore points on or off.

I often see reports of computers being 'screwed' by Microsoft updates, but with my hand on my heart I have never once had this happen to any of my computers with any version of Windows, ever. Perhaps I've just been very lucky.

  [DELETED] 18:49 22 Apr 2017

I agree with *Fruit Bat /\0/* . Windows 10 does have SR off as default unless you upgrade with it on. I use another app to create images but Macrium Reflect will do the same. I have no need for incremental backups but keep it simple so create an image once a month, unless there's an upgrade/update. I also image the whole drive and not just a partition.

A couple of links that might help with Macrium:



  MJS WARLORD 18:49 22 Apr 2017

sys is on and I have lots of points to choose from but after restarts I am told it encountered a problem and nothing has been changed . To make the back up I just typed recovery drive into the search box and saved to the pen , I have no idea what is actually on the pen. hopefully I will never need sys restore but if I do ???

  [DELETED] 18:53 22 Apr 2017

hopefully I will never need sys restore but if I do ???

Run it in safe mode.

  Forum Editor 19:02 22 Apr 2017

"hopefully I will never need sys restore but if I do ???"

rdave13's advice ref: running in safe mode is sound.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:05 23 Apr 2017

Chaps, for the best possible chance of success, use the version of System Restore that runs outside of Windows as there'll be less of chance of anything interfering with it.

For Vista and Windows 7, use System Restore found under "Repair my computer", and for Windows 8 & 10 it can be found under Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options.

  hssutton 10:15 23 Apr 2017

Very pleased to see this post, it reminded that I had not created a restore point since the update. prior to this update Sys Restore has never been turned on by default. on this occasion Sys Restore on button was greyed out. Had to go to GPEDIT.MSC to turn it on.

  bumpkin 19:39 23 Apr 2017

* the only pc i ever got system restore you work on was xp *

You are quite right, it's useless. All I ever get is (Access denied error0x80070005)

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