system restore

  thespook 09:54 19 Mar 2003

I cannot get my system retore to restore, no matter what dates I pick I get the same problem ie system restore was unable to restore to the point selected please choose annother start point

  « Ravin » 09:58 19 Mar 2003

are you using windows xp or windows me ?

  JoeC 10:00 19 Mar 2003
  Pink_Panther2 10:03 19 Mar 2003

You do not say which version of Windows you are using, however, Anti virus software (McAfee)has in the past caused system restore issues with ME.
Try unistalling McAfee if you have it installed, and see if Restore comes back to life. If this works, I would further recommend you to install Grisoft AVG anti virus software (which is free) and you'll have no further problems.
Hope this helps!

If your`re using Windows ME, you may need to go to Windows update web site to download the Restore update.

My system wouldn`t restore before I did that.

  thespook 10:10 19 Mar 2003

Windows XP Norton 2003 pro anti virus 1000 meg ram

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