System Restore

  IanWilk 18:08 07 Mar 2003

Running Windows Me. When I access system restore and choose a restore point the bar pointer moves above halfway across the scale. Computer then restarts normally, then a message from system restore appears to the effect that the computer cannot be restored to this point. This happens with any restore point chosen. Computer is running ok, and 'if it ain't broke don't fix it applies, but I would like the ability to restore if the need arises. Any ideas,please?

  Cordy13 18:49 07 Mar 2003

Just a suggestion, (unless someone comes up with a solution), if you can't use the restore points why not disable restore then re-boot and re-enable restore to see if that works. All restore points will be lost - but if they don't work anyway?

  leo49 19:06 07 Mar 2003

There's a whole library of Knowledge papers at MS concerning System Restore failure which to my mind speaks volumes about it's reliability and effectiveness.There are a couple of patches available to try and they could prove effective.

One's 290700usam.exe


  IanWilk 11:10 08 Mar 2003

Thanks Cordy 13 and Leo 49 - will try both suggestions. Sorry for delay in response - unable to access computer until now.

  AudioVic' 02:36 09 Mar 2003

I never have been able to use system restore. Always got the same message.

So after careful consideration in the use of ME over 6 months trials, have gon back to Win 98 where if problems occur I can reliably use "Scanreg /restore" and SFC.

I wonder if ME uses an automated and extended (period wise) version of scanreg restore.

  sattman 03:11 09 Mar 2003

I have windows ME and my system has suddenly developed exactly the same bar display and message that you have. I only noticed the problem when I went to do a restore. It was probably a coincidence but I noticed it after I had used live update for internet explorer. This update was subjected to a fix days later. I will follow the thread with interest.

  thms 10:15 09 Mar 2003

I have windows xp and have the same problem.
It only seems to work on minor problems.
And when you REALY,REALY want it guess what it doesn't bloody work.

I have tried Go Back and this works fine for a while then seems to drag my sytem down.
As I have a lot of valuable items on my computer I do not wish to lose I installed a second hard drive and back up every thing to it.

Believe me it's the only safe way. The cost of another hard drive now is not much dearer than some of the more advanced software.

  IanWilk 10:50 09 Mar 2003

Thanks for these responses. Oddly enough, like sattman I had also tried to update explorer, but although the download for service pack one was successful it wouldn't install. Therefore is it a coincidence? Thought at first this was a ruse to sell more of XP by MS, but it is interesting to see there is the same problem with XP.

  sattman 14:24 09 Mar 2003

In the past I have been able to get restore working again by cancelling the restore facility. rebooting and then enabling it again. also on occcasion I have used the Q290700 fix.
Unfortunately this time neither of these fixes are any good.
I know that some think restore is a waste of time but it has got me out of problems really fast in the past if a install went wrong or I needed to revert to a previous set up.

  leo49 14:44 09 Mar 2003

When I first got ME I used System Restore and yes it was effective for fixing minor unwanted changes but the first time I really, really needed it[when I knew even less about PCs than I know now]the restore failed and I faced my first re-install.

I realised then that any restore system that wasn't guaranteed to function was a waste of space and very quickly acquired Drive Image which provides total, foolproof insurance without sapping system resources.


  IanWilk 21:43 09 Mar 2003

I did try the 'disable restore', reboot, and restore restore' but it still didn't work, unfortunately. Back to W98se?

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