System restore

  peterleemaxwell 11:38 29 May 2010

Is it possible to restore windows XP pro from DOS?
If it is how do you go about it?

  bremner 11:42 29 May 2010
  peterleemaxwell 12:17 29 May 2010

Thanks bremner I got this message and am snookered:-
'Windows could not start because of an error in the software.
Please report this problem as :
load needed DLLs for kernel.
Please contact your support person to report this problem.
Any ideas?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:39 29 May 2010

Restore XP

Boot to the command prompt and type:


Press Enter and follow the on-screen prompts to restore to an earlier date/time

if will not boot to command prompt then:

Restore from recovery console

boot from the XP CD. Start Windows Setup and press R to access the recovery console. Select your Windows installation, then type the administrator password – press Enter if there isn't one.
Now enter the following commands:

CD C:\
CD "system volume information\_resto~1"

You'll see a list of restore point folders with names such as RP1, RP2 and so on. Pick the restore point you wish to use, using the folder date stamps to guide you. Enter the commands:

CD RPx (the restore point you chose)

This takes you into the folder containing the restore point snapshot files. Copy the Registry backups so that they overwrite the existing Registry files.

COPY _Registry_machine_system C:\Windows\System32\Config\System
COPY _Registry_machine_software C:\Windows\System32\Config\Software
COPY _Registry_machine_sam C:\Windows\System32\Config\Sam
COPY _Registry_machine_security C:\Windows\System32\Config\Security
COPY _Registry_user_.default C:\Windows\System32\Config\Default

Type the command exit to close the Recovery Console and restart the PC.

You could also use a live linux CD to boot from and then access the above files / folders.

  peterleemaxwell 13:34 29 May 2010

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\/\,
Not my day. I tried the command prompt way and could not get any further than the error message.
Using the disc method got to the stage below and nearly all the keyboard is switched around, manage to type all except the ~ sign on the hash key. Tried all others including the sign it gave but that one was normal. (It's next to the 'Z' button on the left. Here on this Laptop it's a straight line but on the D.T. it's a broken line. Hope you can help.

CD "system volume information\_resto~1"

  peterleemaxwell 17:45 01 Jun 2010

I'm stumped on this one cannot find the '~' key using Dos it is just not there so I cannot put in the command. Looking at the list what affect would 'fixboot' or 'fixmbr' have? I can gain access to the PC using a disk I have called 'No install Linux' Knoppix KDE 3.1. It is alien to me. Has anyone the patience to go through it with me?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:17 01 Jun 2010
  peterleemaxwell 18:29 01 Jun 2010

Thanks Fruit Bat /\O/\ I tried that I did think that was a different sign as it was higher up on the line. Anyway I think I am done for as the PC states:- The system cannot find the file or directory specified. A complete format required? I was hoping to avoid that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:59 01 Jun 2010
  peterleemaxwell 20:48 01 Jun 2010

Brilliant Fruit Bat /\O/\. There is a lot to study, your help is much appreciated.

  peterleemaxwell 19:26 10 Jun 2010

I did try Linux Knoppix KDE 3.1 but found it difficult. I obtained a copy of ubuntu 9.10.
Far easier to understand. Can get on the internet and use the software with it. Can see my hard disks.
Open the contents and see all the folders in windows.
Can anyone help me to obtain 'System restore from this or my stored e-mails? I would like to restore it to a previous state but if that's not possible to copy the drive and then place an O.S. back on.

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