system restore

  julgar 13:28 13 Jan 2010

no matter which restore point I choose, it always comes back cannot restore to this point, I,m using windows xp, plenty of space on computer , is there such a thing as the restore section fullup? or whats the solution help please.

  Sea Urchin 13:35 13 Jan 2010

Best to boot into safe mode (tap F8 as booting) and try running system restore from there.

  skeletal 14:00 13 Jan 2010

Try stopping any AV software; some of these are known to prevent system restore from working.


  ronlin 23:23 13 Jan 2010

I had this problem once and whatever i did i couldnt restore , i suspected all sorts of things , so i backed up my pc and did a complete restore , started again from scratch and reinstalled from my back up .

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