system restore

  birddog 14:53 07 Jul 2008

is there anyway of getting onto system restore when your mouse wont work, using the keys?
I have winxp home.

  birdface 14:58 07 Jul 2008

Can you not try another mouse.

  eedcam 15:01 07 Jul 2008

Use the window flag keyto Start then the up/down/left /right arrows yo get to it and enter for ok when needed

  mfletch 15:07 07 Jul 2008

I have not tried it

MouseKeys‘ box. Alternatively, you could turn on MouseKeys by pressing Left ALT + Left Shift + Num Lock at the same time. Please note that this only works with the LEFT alt and shift, as if you try it with the right side, it will not work.

Here are the controls, provided that you have a numeric keypad, to run MouseKeys.

2 = Move Down
8 = Move Up
4 = Move Left
6 = Move Right
7 = Move Diagonally Top Left
9 = Move Diagonally Top Right
1 = Move Diagonally Bottom Left
3 = Move Diagonally Bottom Right
5 = Simulate Mouse Single Left Click
(+) = Simulate Mouse Double Click
(-) = Simulate Mouse Right Click
(*) = Simulate Both Mouse Buttons Click At Once

click here

  birdface 15:35 07 Jul 2008

I tried the system restore on this.But it did not work.May work with here

  eedcam 11:19 08 Jul 2008

Why the complications guys it works easily the way I said

  ronalddonald 11:25 08 Jul 2008

keyboard have a key witht the windows emblem on it. if so tap that key as eedcam said and ove the arrow keys to get to accesories move arrow key down to system tools and move arwo key down to system restore. I hpe this helps only works with microssft emeblem key on the key board

  woodchip 11:48 08 Jul 2008

Yes press Win key then use arrow key to move, you have to use shift for moving buttons try it. Underline letters are used with Alt+letter

  kalignorgna 12:01 08 Jul 2008

easy press sart key and cycle to sys restore usin the direction keys hit entrer when over sys restore
now the tricky part is cycleing trough the system restore program, first of press tab onece then enter. now use the tab key till over the back arrow above the calender and press enter till the opriate date comes up then tab till in side the calender and go to the correct day then tab to next and press enter the rest should just be tab till over next/finish and press enter

  woodchip 12:04 08 Jul 2008

Yes i meant Tab not shift

  kalignorgna 12:15 08 Jul 2008

sorry ment correct date comes up and yes this is the same as eedcam, ronalddonald and woodchip's way and the only way without a mouse or different software I must add also if your mouse is not working if it is a PS/2 mouse check the pins on the conector if bent use a pair of thin ended plyerers to set them correctley and it will work again as long as there are 3 to 4 pins left that is.

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