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  Southernboy 15:30 21 Jun 2005

Can anyone explain to a novice (or an idiot, if you like), in basic terms, just what this does, please?

I have an ongoing problem that appears to have started on or about 30th April. It did not seem too serious at first, but over the following weeks it has got really bad. None of my backup programs will work and I find data is beginning to disappear.

Strangely enough, having looked at the above, I find there is a Restore Point for 30th April and I wonder if this caused the problem? Could it have clashed with a backup program? I do hours of research and input data on a daily basis and I obviously do not wish to lose any of this. I have been unable to back it up and, because the data I input goes into a multiplicity of files (I have well over 100 databases) and is often historical, there is no way I can identify the work I have done. Ergo, it is vital that my work is not affected by any procedure carried out.

The notes state that Microsoft cannot guarantee that System restore will not delete parts of my work. Is this a real problem or are they just covering themselves?

What DOES System Restore actually do, and is it likely to solve my problem?

  wee eddie 15:44 21 Jun 2005

You have said, in the past, that this PC is not connected to the 'net, but files don't just disappear. There must be some other agency involved.

Do others ever give you information in any transferable form? Or perhaps you have bought a floppy back from one of your forays to the Library, to use their Internet connection, with a questionable e-mail on it?

If so, there is a possibility that you have loaded a bug of some kind.

  Ancient Learner 17:08 21 Jun 2005

If wee eddie is correct, it will mean you obtaining an anti virus programme that is up to date, plus all the other programes, such as Ad-Aware and Spybot to check it all out. Certainly, it does sound as though something of the kind is causing this to happen.

Having said that. I cannot think that closing down System Restore could possibly cause a loss files saved in the normal way. I close mine down regularly, and I've never lost a file. This has to be M/s being ultra scary. I don't know what System Restore does; its effect is that it, in theory, allows you to get the PC back to an earlier time when all was working OK, so I assume it saves registry info.

  961 19:39 21 Jun 2005

enables you to restore your computer to an earlier saved state. It does not affect personal files such as documents but reverses system configuration changes

On this basis you can return your computer to a working configuration that existed earlier

System Restore points are normally created every 24 hrs, when a programme is installed using InstallShield or Windows Installer, when you get automatic windows updates, when unsigned device drivers are installed and at any restore operation using Backup

From what you say I wonder if you have installed a new programme around this time or updated a driver. I cannot see that System Restore would destroy or interfere with a backup. Remember that using a restore point is reversible. Have you any restore points before April 30th that could be tried

The other option is that there is a trojan or virus lurking on this system. Many of them are designed to lose information from your system

  Southernboy 11:48 22 Jun 2005

I have never connected to the net for fear of a virus. It goes without saying that I NEVER put anything into my PC from third parties. All I have installed are my GENUINE backup software on the maker's CD-ROM, Lotus Millenium Edition 9.7 and MS Money. All this was done on 9th March and all worked from that day until 30th April when the first problem with Iomega Backup occurred. Since then it has snowballed.

I have not changed anything, nor installed anything further from day one. Even if I wanted to (and I don't) the Public Library does not allow any downloading and has no facilities for writing to any kind of disc. If you want anthing, you have to press the Print button and go to the counter to collect the print at 10p per page. Believe me, I am quite paranoid about keeping my PC "clean". I have seen what the internet did to my son's computer a couple of years ago!

I do not lose data if I don't attempt to backup and it took me some days to realise that everytime I used Retropsect to backup, it deleted all NEW entries made to MS Money. Since then, I have not backed up and no more data has been lost. But that is not the point. I bought Retrospect as it came highly recommended and it doesn't work, although it did until two weeks ago!

Iomega and Pinnacle backup programs freeze and neither "End Task", nor "Restart" will work. The PC has to switched off manually and left for a while before switching on again.

I am at my wits end to resolve this problem, but something must have happened around 30th April to affect the Iomega and Pinnacle programs - one might be a software fault, but both seems like a Windows fault. Retrospect only started to cause problems a couple of weeks ago, but now I am left with no credible method of backup.

If I read system restore correctly, I get a restore point about twice a month. I do have one earlier than 30th April, but Evesham have warned me that I MUST backup my work before I use it. It seems Windows look for certain file extensions and if my work does not have one of them, there is the danger of anything input since the restore point will be deleted. I am very nervous of using this facility as I have no idea what it will do. It may cause problems that may not become apparent for some time.

  wee eddie 12:44 22 Jun 2005

Why not just Copy and Paste your files onto the ZIP Drive.

M$ Outlook. You can Copy and Paste it's data file "Outlook.pst" from within the Programs folder.

M$ Money will have a data file as well. Although I do not know it's name or where it's stored.

  Ancient Learner 12:53 22 Jun 2005

There is, surely, something amiss here. You say that you get a restore point about twice a month. You should get one each day, and it is automatic. I certainly don't have a restore point going back to April, I have only a few at the end of May now, the earlier being removed as System restore needs space for the newer points.

If it was mine, and I do realise it's not. I'd get Nero to do my back up, and then try the April restore that you seem to have, and when that didn't work, I'd empty the Restore points, and start them up again. On the other hand, with my poor experience of System Restore I'd just remove the points that are there.

To get rid of the Restore points you go to Start, Settings, control Panel, double click System, click the System Restore Tab, then tick the 'turn off system restore on all drives, click 'Apply' and 'OK', and then reboot, and untick the 'turn off - - '

  Stuartli 12:54 22 Jun 2005

Have you checked the Events Viewer Log?

Secondly, the main System Restore points will detail exactly what you installed or uninstalled etc at that time.

  woodchip 13:16 22 Jun 2005

It appears something is Corrupt and if you have a Full Operating disc for win98 load disc stop it running by pressing the X top right corner of screen.
the in Run Typ SFC for System File Checker and run it, replace any corrupt files that it finds, for XP you have to type in run box with XP disc in comp, Not a Restore disc SFC /SCANNOW

  wee eddie 15:58 22 Jun 2005

Dantz Retrospect, Iomega, and ?.

Could you save all your files and restore the PC to factory condition, using the disk supplied by the manufacturer.

It might save a lot of sweat.

  961 16:26 22 Jun 2005

I take it that the computer you use here is not the one we are discussing

I must also say that Iomega do not feature in my list of favourite manufacturers

However, if I was to take a stab in the dark I would suggest that only one backup programme should be in use on a system. These things don't necessarily run only when you press the backup button and the words sack and ferrets seem to come to mind

If there is data here that is important then Ancient Learner seems to point the way. However, if there is no disc burning capability it may be a case of either following Woodchips advice or uninstalling the backup programmes that have been installed recently. Alternatively go back to the system restore point before they were installed accepting that backups created by the later introduced programmes will be lost

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