System Restore

  shellship 10:13 14 Mar 2005

Starting a new thread on this one.

Looked at other threads on System Restore and checked my Event Log. It seems as though my machine is turning System Restore on and off on a regular basis on the grounds that there is not enough HD space and then it finds there is plenty and turns it on again. I have 13Gb free on a 40Gb disc which is surely enough for the stated 12%. Presumably when it turns off System restore I lose all my previous restore points which is why I cannot see any and cannot restore anything.

Any ideas out there please.

  rawsongreen 12:29 14 Mar 2005

Sorry I can't help you but I'm in the same boat.
I have 2.5 Gig. set for system restore but I can only keep a maximum of 3 points over a maximum of 3 days then they disappear.
Could you tell me how I check my Event Log.

  Stuartli 12:38 14 Mar 2005

Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer.

13GB is more than ample for System Restore - in fact about six or seven per cent should be enough with a 40GB HDD.

12 per cent is the default SR setting, a figure decided on when XP first descended upon us and hard drives' capacities were very much smaller than today's low cost three-figure examples.

  shellship 14:39 14 Mar 2005

Agree I ought to have plenty of space for System Restore. Checked way back in Event Viewer and found that turning SR off and on started in August 2004. Can't think what, if anything I installed then, that would precipitate this action. Could it have been SP2? Must go and have a look.

  shellship 15:32 14 Mar 2005

Have checked and Event Log only commenced in August 2004. How do I find out when SP2 was installed, please?

  mattyc_92 15:43 14 Mar 2005

Look in the Add/Remove List and it SHOULD tell you when it was installed (as it does with me)...

Why use System Restore??? It has LOADS of glitches, so it recovers all your viruses, spyware, etc.... I agree that a 40 gig drive is more than enough.... 12% of that is around 4 gigs....

Do you change your hadware settings very often??? or install/uninstall software often??? as this would be the problem.... System Restore runs out of space, so it deletes the old logs of the system's state....

  Storik 15:59 14 Mar 2005

I've checked my System Restore and it has umpteen dates in bold. Some I haven't installed myself, but I can go back to the beginning of February when I first (for the second time) installed WinXP.

I've checked them individually, and everything I installed on that particular date is listed.

Did you try the repair facility on your Windows installation disk?


  shellship 15:59 14 Mar 2005

No date inin my Add/Remove but it's there all right. Uninstall file in C:\Windows is dated August 2004 and lots of logs at that time make me suspect that it was indeed then that I installed SP2.

I wanted to use System Restore becasue in the process of failing to remove MP10 I mucked up a cuople of things and it would have been much easier to go back a day rather than try to correct what I had done (OK now)

No I don't change hardware settings at all often or install/uninstall software frequently.

Can't understand it but thanks for trying.

  Storik 16:01 14 Mar 2005

shellship, if you click on the dates you have, it will list what was installed on that particular date. You can always cancel if you decide not to continue.


  zarobian 16:07 14 Mar 2005

If you have downloaded SP2 from Microsoft then you may be able to find the date you installed it.Just go to Windows Update and from the left pane select history. Browse throgh the list and locate the date.

To reset System Restore please type the following command in one line and press enter. You may be asked to insert the original WindowsXP CDROM. Also make sure that System Restore Service is set to Auto,which I think would be.

rundll32.exe advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection C:\Windows\Inf\sr.inf press enter

NOTE: There are spaces between .exe and advpack,INFSection and C:\Windows\

  woodchip 16:14 14 Mar 2005

Go to system restore and reduce the size

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