System Restore

  Madronwell 15:19 09 Nov 2003

I need to use system restore to put my pc back to a previous state but I don't appear to have any checkpoints. Nothing has been taken so far in November, and I can't go back to October.

Any ideas what I need to do? I have Windows XP.
As far as I am aware, I have not made any adjustments to any settings.


  huzzar 15:22 09 Nov 2003

System Restore will only make a restore point when something (outside of My Documents) has been added or removed.

  LAP 15:27 09 Nov 2003

In System Restore/System Restore Settings/System Restore.. is 'Turn Off System Restore' checked??

  Madronwell 15:29 09 Nov 2003

Ok, but am I wrong in thinking that I could/should be able to go and look at any checkpoints for previous month(s)??
I do apologise for being dim but I'm trying to comprehend....

  Madronwell 15:33 09 Nov 2003

I have just checked system restore settings and the 'Turn Off System Restore' is not checked.

  alan 2273 15:37 09 Nov 2003

Yes you should be able to go back to previous months by clicking the arrow on the left hand side of the month if you find their are no restore points available follow Lap instructions above and untick the box that says turn of system restore.

  Madronwell 15:40 09 Nov 2003


I have been clicking on the arrow on the left hand side but having no response at all :(

  rawprawn 15:44 09 Nov 2003

First open system restore then click restore my computer, then click at the top left hand side of the calendar & see if it will go back to October. If not click on system restore settings then click settings and make sure that Disc space usage is set at Maximum, if it has somehow been set very low there may not be enough room to keep the needed backup information.

  alan 2273 15:48 09 Nov 2003

Have you tried clicking on undo my last restoration

  Madronwell 15:48 09 Nov 2003

Have just checked the settings and the system restore is set at Maximum

  Madronwell 15:50 09 Nov 2003

I don't get the option to undo last restoration which surprised me a bit....

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