system restore

  timber 13:37 03 Oct 2003

have noticed that system restore will not show any more than current month,s restores.
i thought that you were able to see at least 90 days prior.
anyone an idea what i can do to sort this out.

thanks in advance


  leo49 14:01 03 Oct 2003

Check how much HDD space you've got allocated to System Restore. It works on a rolling first-in,first-out basis so as the space is filled the earliest restore point will be deleted to make room for the latest one.

  timber 14:27 03 Oct 2003


have always had full HDD space on system restore.any other thoughts would be appreciated


  -pops- 14:49 03 Oct 2003

My system restore goes no further than one week. I can't imagine any circumstances where more is required.

I have a rolling full system backup going back two weeks and a rolling daily data backup spanning three days. Again, I can't imagine wanting more than this.

System restore is intended, I believe, to undo changes on your computer, not act as a substitute historical backup.

  Jester2K II 14:53 03 Oct 2003

Also it depends on how you used you PC in the last few days. If you updated lots or had the PC running for hours on end then you'll loose older Restore Points.

I don't use SR but use GoBack instead. Sometimes it has 4 or 5 days history and sometimes only a day. Depends what I've been doing...

  timber 15:01 03 Oct 2003


point taken.

it was just i had read that system restore could be seen for approx 90 days.


  timber 15:21 03 Oct 2003

pops and jester2K II

check below and have a look at second last point states there after 90 days restore point is purged.

click here;EN-US;301224


  timber 15:42 03 Oct 2003

will have to close this topic for the moment going away for a holiday something called a ruby wedding anniversary??????? better not let her indoors see this.


  Jester2K II 18:44 03 Oct 2003

If you selectively choose sections of text then you will miss the point of the article.

The paragraph above

"When you are running low on disk space (but not to the point of causing the tool to hang), System Restore purges some of the restore points, but not all of them. This happens because regardless of how much disk space you have, when the data store reaches approximately 90 percent of its maximum size (the default size or the user setting), System Restore uses a First In First Out (FIFO) process to decrease the size of the data store to approximately 75 percent of its maximum size."

In other words 90 days is the theoretical MAXIMUM number of days you can go back to. In practise you have a limited amount of disk space set aside for storing SR data. If the last 7 days worth of System Restore data uses ALL that space then you only get 7 days worth of Restore data to choose from.

You have selected one factor out of many that result in SR data being purged. In the case you selected it means that if data gets to the 90 day limit and has not yet been purged then it will be (ie if the amount of disk space set aside for the SR data is greater than the amount of SR data in it then data that is 90 days or older will be purged even if there is still space to store more SR data.)

NOWHERE does it state that SR stores 90 days worth of data.

Also note the following above that

"When you start the Disk Cleanup utility, click the More Options tab, and then click Clean up under System Restore, all restore points (except the most recent one) are purged."

  -pops- 19:28 03 Oct 2003

I still cannot imagine ANY circumstances where this length of time would be required.

As I said above, system restore is no substitute for a system backup so a restore point of more than, say, a couple of days is just a waste of disk space.

Enjoy you ruby wedding:-)

  Jester2K II 19:33 03 Oct 2003

Just checked now and Goback 3 is only holding data until 1st October 2003 at 18:39:44 so i could only go back 48 hours now. I've had this on here for 2 years (or so) and never been back further than 26 hours....

90 days.....

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