System restart problem

  shahidur 11:08 05 Aug 2005

system specs- AMD athlon 3000 Xp, 1 gig ddr 400 ram, creative ati 9600 pro graphics card, maxtor 80 gig hard drive, asrock K7S8XE motherboard, psu 450w. windows xp service pack 2.

recently i my sytem started to shutdown by itself this could be during whiel surfing the net or when playing games. after the system shutsdown it tries to boot up but shutsdown straight away and will continue doing this untill it finally loads windows. Once on windows it will then try and restart again automatically, sometimes i can stay on windows for a few hours till it happens. ive scanned various anti virus tools, antispyware , ms maulicous tools and so on. i did a system restore to try and fix the problem which it did it for a while for it to return. then i decided to reformat but the problem still came back. everytime i do a system restore or use the last known good configuration on boot menu i can get a few good hours on the pc. thnx

  howard60 12:40 05 Aug 2005

I would firstly check in your bios for power settings. I normally disable anything fancy. Next with windows running right click on a free area of the screen and properties - screen saver and then power. I again disable most of the settings and never for switch off screen/hard disk etc. No ticks in hibernate etc.

  DieSse 12:56 05 Aug 2005

Also check temperatures - in the BIOS - or with Everest click here free home edition download - look under Sensors.

  shahidur 16:30 25 Aug 2005


as i am a pc newbie i decided to hand my pc in to local pc shop. They phoned back saying it was infected with 37 virus so i got it back and tried it at home it booted up normally first time, installed zonealarm and then had to reboot for it to work. then i decided to connect to the internet using my bt adsl usb modem in which a second of connecting my system shut down by itself. once i tried pressing the power button it starts up (fans, hd, led,and drives)and then powers off sumtimes 3,4,5 seconds of powering up. sometimes i can get onto windows desktop for it to shutdown and repeat the process above. so i again gave it ack to pc shop who ran the pc for 2-3 days non stop with no problems.
i will soon arange a home visit but any suggestions are welcomed.

  shahidur 13:25 26 Aug 2005

i have taken of autorestart when a problem is detectd in the system properties an for the first time when booting up i was given the a blue screen sayin about windowsn will shut down to prevent damage and a message saying DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS or EQUAl it said a bit more but the power went off before i could note anything else down.

  shahidur 17:12 27 Aug 2005

my cpu temperature rangesfrom 45-55 depending if i play games, mobo stays aroudn 30, hard drive about 34. i have just recently updated my gfx drivers (ati catalyst) and my soudn card drivers (crative audigy) but problem occured again. The next day i updatd the bios as well as the sis chipset drivers and so far its now shutdown at all today. fingers crossed i hope this did the trick, if not il post later on. also my initial thought are that it is teh psu, do these symptoms hint towards that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:24 27 Aug 2005

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