System Resources Issue

  iamlee 00:22 04 Mar 2004

hello all,
recently after a new installation of windows xp pro, i leave my computer on usually for a week or so without having to restart it. but since i put a new hdd in, and re-installed windows xp after 2 days of my pc idling i have a major issue. if i go to open any program i have an error saying "Out Of System Resources" anyone know what could be causing this?

my pc specs are:

OS:Windows XP Pro
CPU:AMD Athlon XP 2400

please help me out:)

  GaT7 00:53 04 Mar 2004

You may have too many programs starting up and running?
click here - scrolling to bottom of page - it says "In Windows XP: You can take the check out of everything and its OK" (not too sure about that!)

This may be helpful too: click here

  GaT7 01:14 04 Mar 2004

These Microsoft articles may help to shed some light too:

click here;en-us;308417&Product=winxp

click here;en-us;310419&Product=winxp

  BeForU 01:58 04 Mar 2004

You may have a reason for leaving your computer on for a week, but it may be a good idea to restart the computer just once a day or maybe once every 2-3 days however you like so that it can clear out and refresh the memory as well.

  iamlee 09:47 04 Mar 2004

nope i dont have many processes running, only something like 29, im sure my spec should handle that fine, the reason why i leave my computer on for like a week or so usually, is because its networked, and needs to be on for the other pc to be able to use the internet, i really need to solve it people :(

  GaT7 17:18 04 Mar 2004

Another thought, iamlee...

A case of too many periherals connected maybe?

The following taken from click here . Read whole article if you can.


Many of the settings within the Integrated Peripherals section can make the difference between a stable and wayward system. As you may know, every single peripheral your machine uses (integrated or otherwise) demands system resources to run. Users often run into problems with hardware conflicts when - unbeknownst to them - two peripherals try and use the same resources. Disabling unused peripherals will free up vital system resources, saving your machine some effort and keeping your frequently used peripherals happy. Disabling onboard Serial, Parallel and Midi ports if they're not being used is a massive save on resources. On the stability front, if you've got a separate modem or sound card and your motherboard has integrated versions of its own ensure they're disabled - the conflict between the two can cause all kinds of havoc."

If it's any consolation, I have similar problems (on Win 98se) from time to time. Nothing seems to help until one fine day, for no apparent reason, the system starts to behave itself again! Funny lot - these computers ; )

Where's Vog, woodchip, Diodorus Siculus, preditor, et al? Any ideas guys?

Will keep posting as & when I find stuff. Good luck, G

  iamlee 17:50 04 Mar 2004

nope its nothing to do with the periherals connected :(, and im positive that its nothing to do with my network. my pc was running all fine intill i formatted and had another drive installed, the new drive that i installed is the drive that contains windows xp, do you think it could be a dodgy installation of windows :S, this issue has really confused me badly.

  GaT7 18:11 04 Mar 2004

Could be. Some months ago I managed to do 2 dodgy OS installs before getting it right the 3rd time. If you have the time & inclination go for it. Can you possibly wait a few days before taking the plunge? Am hoping some of the forum 'brains' will arrive on the scene to provide some definite answers to this problem. They seem to be on vacation at the moment ; )

Keep 'nudging' this thread every few minutes/hrs - there's bound to be someone who'll know something...

  iamlee 19:45 04 Mar 2004

yes im waiting a few days, something like this issue that hasnt been solved, should go on the pc advisor mag :), with an answer added to it :)

  GaT7 00:59 05 Mar 2004

Sure - I second that : )

Well, some more ideas...

Try running a full test at PCPitStop: click here . You'll need to register I think, which is free. Tell us what that says.

Give us some details about your motherboard. Also, tell us more about your installed software - the lot. I reckon it's probably some 'rogue' s/w that's stealing those resources. I assume you have DMA enabled for your hard drives - every little helps.

  iamlee 10:38 05 Mar 2004

i done some tests on that website, all came up fine. About this DMA how do i check if its enabled?
My Motherboard: Shuttle AN35N 400
Installed Software:
-MS Office 2003
-Sygate Firewall Pro
-Sygate Home Network Manager
-Bandwidth Monitor Pro
-RecordNow Max
-Remote Administrator
-F-Protect (Antivirus)
-Bulletproof Spyware Remover
-Task Info 2003
-Add Remove Plus
My System While Freshly Rebooted, The Ammount Of Processes Running = 26, what do you guys think it could be? please help, Thanks! .. Lee

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