System Resources - Daft Question?

  Seadog 17:20 16 Apr 2003

When in control panel/system/system properties/performance, what exactly is the system resources percentage measuring? Is it amount of RAM in use or what? Since upgrading to a P4 2.4 from an Athlon 1200 the system resources used to be 74% free, now I'm lucky if it is above 52% free.

Mind you I now have a firewall running........but is there any way (or is there a need?) to improve it?

  Diemmess 17:42 16 Apr 2003

Time to worry is when an application freezes, or worse refuses to load, otherwise I think it is one of those things to ignore and your comment about your firewall is probably most of the reason.

Quoting from somewhere recently ......the system "improving" programmes are the very ones which zap the speed and resilience of the underlying o/s.

  MartinT-B 17:48 16 Apr 2003

P4 2.4 to Athlon 1200 is not an upgrade as far as processing power is concerned. Anything but.

  Seadog 17:59 16 Apr 2003

Please explain, I was led to understand from the PCA magazine when I purchased it in 2001, that the Athlon 1200 ran at 1200MHz (or rather the equivalent of 1200MHz when compared with a Pentium lll processor)so surely a 2400MHz P4 has to be "faster" or rather considered as an upgrade, if I have been told lies please give me details so I can sue both PCA and my local computer shop!!

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