System requirements? Please advise.

  Bikebuddy 19:19 01 Jul 2009

Hi all
I have gone and bought myself a digital SLR camera which I am finding absolutely brilliant... this has created a few problems as when I try to work on my pictures using cs3 i am finding that my laptop is running slower than a tortoise with 4 bad legs. I have been wanting to get a desk top but because of my lack of knowledge of computers i am worried i may purchase the wrong system.
I understand i will need a big hard drive to store pics but its the other bits that is confusing me like... how do i not get it to run slow? graphics cards? etc.
Basically if I want to work on pics using CS3 what would be the system requirements?
Any advice would be gratefully recieved.

  crosstrainer 00:05 02 Jul 2009

It depends on what you do with your machine really.

You have chosen a hobby which needs a little bit of "Oomph" if you like, but not as much as some of today's games.

A desktop around the the 500-600 mark would be about right, and a decent photo-editing suite.

Some ideas:

click here

Monitors are also important to view your pictures so:

click here

And a good software package to edit, focus and enhance your pictures:

click here

Hope it gets you started :))

  mrwoowoo 00:11 02 Jul 2009

The system requirements for what you require are very low.
click here
Any new desktop with a dual-core processor should have no trouble at all running it.
Depending on budget,these pc's would be fine was they have good graphics cards.
The dearer of the two slightly faster due to more ram.
You will need to add an OS and a monitor.

click here
Or if you prefer Intel CPU's then these click here will eat it for breakfast.
You could go even cheaper with good results as these PC's are powerful enough to run modern games.
Hard to advise without an idea of budget.

  mrwoowoo 00:12 02 Jul 2009

You're too quick for me.
You're usually in bed by now.(O:!

  crosstrainer 00:16 02 Jul 2009

Hello old friend...I've been away for a little while.

When are we going to play Quake?

Sorry Bikebuddy, still here to help!

  mrwoowoo 00:28 02 Jul 2009

When we can find each others servers (o:!
A proverbial pain.
Perhaps i'll e-mail you (if you don't mind) and try to arrange something after my two night works starting tomorrow.
Fingers crossed.

  crosstrainer 00:36 02 Jul 2009

check out the new card:

click here

should be ok, but I have not had an ATI card for a long time..

got the 2 88000GTX'S when is your birthday? ))

  mrwoowoo 00:45 02 Jul 2009

Last month. )O:!
Very nice card indeed.
How can you not be satisfied with 2 x 88000GTX'S?
Miles better than my 9600GT.

  crosstrainer 01:41 02 Jul 2009

I am...I think I have deep technophyscololical problems. (bet the spell checker can't cope with that one :))

In truth, the newbie has been kicking around for quite a while, and with a Quad Phenom CPU,2x500GB sata 3 hdds and 4GB of super quality memory....

And I just put a Nvidia 9600 in it for test purposes..Then I had a spell in hospital, so now is the time to finish it off.

Will it be better than the 2 8800's?

In theory yes...Feel free to email me via the yellow envelope...Looking forward to getting killed in about 10secs! :))

  Bikebuddy 10:16 02 Jul 2009

errr... thanks i think
If I ever get round to playing games i now know which card to go for.

  mrwoowoo 16:39 02 Jul 2009

As i said...If you tell us your budget we can advise better.
"how do i not get it to run slow?"
Uninstall the useless software that you won't use that may come with your new PC.The same goes for any software on your laptop as this will free up hard drive space which when lacking is one cause of a slow PC.
Do a defrag as well to speed it up a bit.
More info... click here
Generally as a rough guide,any cheapish graphics card from these upward will handle that programme and your editing. click here (PCI E)
If going for a new ready built PC then the lowest price and spec that will still be fast for what you want is this.(IMHO)
click here
It's the one on the right.
So anything dearer woould be a bonus.
Don't forget a monitor and O.S.

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