System recovery software

  VNAM75 20:00 13 Dec 2011

I'm after some software for an XP pc that can restore the system back to an earlier point while at the bios stage ie. before it loads the windows logo. I don't mean back up or imaging software that operates in windows but while still in the bios. The reason for this is because recently a problem occurred where it would not boot into windows - not even into safe mode and I had no option but to reformat. Restarting and powering off had no effect.

I've previously used Commodo time machine and Rollback fx - the former caused some problems which I can't remember and the latter was only a trial version but worked well. What decent free or cheap software is there? Thanks.

  robin_x 20:48 13 Dec 2011

All Imaging software allows you to make a Boot CD which restores the latest Image without Windows. This is the easiest way to recover but requires you make regular images.

An XP Retail CD allows you to boot into the Recovery Console if F8 doesn't work. Google 'how to make xp disk' if you don't have one.

Utility CDs such as Hiren's or ultimate Boot CD can fix a myriad of problems (manually)

I find Partition Wizard Bootable CD useful for quick MBR fixes and recovering wayward partitions.

An Ubuntu Live CD is useful for getting data off a drive.

All the major Anti Virus vendors have free Emergency/Boot/Recovery Scanning downloads.

  VNAM75 21:11 13 Dec 2011

Thanks for the info but its OTT for me really. Just want a simple program that works in the background that I can use to restore the system at bootup. Imaging takes too long and I back up a personal files that I need on a usb key.

But out of interest, how do you use the xp recovery console? Reading up on it there are loads of options to "modify attributes" etc but all I want to do is to restore it back to the previous working state. How do I do this - which option is it in the recovery console?

  robin_x 21:24 13 Dec 2011

Sorry. It doesn't seem easy from XP either.

System Restore from XP Recovery Console

Windows 7 is much easier.

I don't know any easy program to do what you want. Someone else may.

But I will push Imaging again. Easeus Todo Backup will make Incremental or Differential Images after you have made one Full Image. They are much quicker.

  VNAM75 21:42 13 Dec 2011

Thanks for the link, looks like what I needed - will keep it for future reference. I have w7 on my laptop which is stable and I have a oem recovery cd for it so not worried about it.

  robin_x 21:51 13 Dec 2011

I meant, for W7, you make the Repair disc (in Backup & Restore Center) and when F8 doesn't work, you boot and it's easy to run the Restore option to an earlier time.

Just seems so much trickier in XP.

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