System recovery eating my hard disc

  allang 09:04 16 Dec 2003

Recently I downloaded some XP critical updates and when they tried to install,my laptop went berserk.It did umpteen restarts as it tried to recover.Eventually it settled down so I ran sfc /scannow to check the system files and that caused umpteen more restarts.When that settled down I ran my virus checker (AVG) and that caused more restarts.To cut a long story short,if I run sfc then AVG fails and vice versa.In the meantime my hard disc is filling up with 1000's of files as the system recovers.After 2 weeks I eventually ran disk defragment and I seem to have a relatively stable system.Now my disc has 945 folders called containing recovered file fragments FILE0000.CHK,FILE0001.CHK etc,and 100's of .TMP files.These have managed to eat about 4GB!! of hard disc space so I need to know which files I can safely get rid of.Are the FOUND folders part of my system now or are they not needed.Can anyone help please?

  Jester2K II 09:13 16 Dec 2003 and the CHK files are files and folders that Scan-Disk finds and has recovered. In their present state they can't do anything so they are effectively a waste of space...

HOWEVER some of the files Might be something important. if the system is stable then it sounds like things are back to normal. these CHK files can be opened with notepad or Word Pad to check the contents. 4 Gb is a lot to check so check you have everything you should have (documents etc) before deleting.

Someone else might be able to help further...

  allang 10:22 16 Dec 2003

Many thanx.Is it safe to delete DUMPxxxx.tmp and all other temp files as I've got 100's of them ?

  Jester2K II 10:33 16 Dec 2003

Anything that is x.TMP is safe to delete.

Look at using Supercleaner click here costs but you get 30 free trial. So good i bought it.

  allang 12:44 17 Dec 2003

Thanx for your help.Deleted .temp files and downloaded SuperCleaner (which looks a good buy) to get rid of more rubbish.However,it doesn't show the FOUND folders and associated files as garbage.As I am no expert,I am reluctant to delete them until I am sure.Are there any decent progs around that will check my files as I have access to XP tools disc but I don't know how to use it!

  keith-236785 14:26 17 Dec 2003

a rule of thumb for deleting temp files, open the temp folder, clich the Date Modified (available when you choose detail view from the view menu)

this will put them in date order, ignore the present days files, select the rest (click & drag mouse) and delete them.

restart your computer to make sure it works ok. the empty recycle bin to get rid completely, if you do get problems, simply select them in the recycle bin and choose restore.

good luck

ps, if you have avg on your system you may find some files will not delete, dont worry just leave them (perflib is one).

  allang 15:17 17 Dec 2003

Thanx for the advice.Does the same apply for hidden folders called FOUND.010 etc which contain files caleed FILE0000.chk (recovered file fragments) 'cos I've got over 900 folders which are eating approx 3GB of hard disc.See previous responses.

  Chegs ® 16:01 17 Dec 2003

I have a small prog that can reassociate .chk files with their parent folder,I hadn't a use for it before now,but I will zip it and email it to you if I cannot find where I d/l it from.This is from its ReadMe....

FileCHK was written by Martin Kratz
<[email protected]>. This distribution
was compiled by Eric Phelps <[email protected]>.

FileCHK will check for files named FILE????.CHK in it's
directory and rename those CHK files to the correct
extension. FileCHK can identify the following file types:

3DS - 3D Studio
AI - Adobe Illustrator
ASF - Microsoft Multimedia
AVI - Windows Movie
BMP - Windows Bitmap Image
CAB - Microsoft Cabinet
CHM - Compiled Help
DOC - Word Document
DWG - AutoCad Drawing
EXE - Executable Program
GIF - Compressed bitmap
HLP - Windows Help
HTM - Web Page
JPG - Compressed Picture
LNK - Windows Shortcut
MDB - Access Database
MID - MIDI Music
MOV - QuickTime Movie
MP3 - Compressed Music
MPG - Compressed Movie
PDF - Adobe Acrobat
PSD - Adobe Photoshop
PST - Outlook Personal Folder
QT - QuickTime Movie
RAR - RAR Compressed Archive
RMI - MIDI Music
SWF - Macromedia Shockwave
TIF - Tagged Image Format
TTF - Font
TXT - Plain Text
URL - Internet Shortcut
WAV - Sound
XLS - Excel Spreadsheet
ZIP - PK Compressed Archive

  Chegs ® 16:05 17 Dec 2003
  allang 11:13 22 Dec 2003

Thanx to all who have helped me.Nice to know there is someone out there who takes pity on poor souls like me.Progress report.Downloaded and ran the progs that you guys have suggested.Managed to delete 1000's of files and regain 11GB!! of disc space.(Don't know how the hell I've done that). Last night I ran sfc /scannow (with xp disc in)and virus checker and all hunkey dorey. Then I deleted the rest of the filexxxx.chk file fragments that were left over.However when I tried sfc /scannow again it started creating more chk files. Am I wasting my time with sfc or not?

  Jester2K 11:21 22 Dec 2003

I thought only ScanDisk made the filexxx.chk files.

Getting backing up as i would suspect your Hard Drive is dying...

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