System Recovery Disc

  Mozarella 15:05 24 Oct 2004

I`ve just been given a Time computer with Windows
Millenium loaded. There`s a problem with it that I can`t figure out and wondered if using the System Recovery disc is a safe thing to do. Would doing so return the PC to factory settings. I don`t know which type the computer is. It`s got a 800 Mhz AMD Athlon CPU, 128 Mb RAM (PC100)and a 40 Gb HDD and as it came to me with a 17" monitor I thought it was worth getting going again. Oh the mobo is msi ms 6316.

  SANTOS7 15:07 24 Oct 2004

Whats the problem you can't figure out

  SANTOS7 15:11 24 Oct 2004

I started out buying a time PC, similar specs to yours but for the ammount of memory which was the first thing i had to upgrade before anything would work properly ME uses 64Mgs before you do anything else, so the rest of your system is going to be running on fresh air, you might have to consider upgrading memory as well as anything else that might be wrong...

  Mozarella 15:40 24 Oct 2004

SANTOS7 thanks for info. When I read what I`d posted I realised I hadn`t stated the problem. I booted up and got as far as the long message saying I should reboot in it gave several methods starting with Safe mode and ending with a countdown to when it would reboot itself. There`s no problem with any extra hardware except maybe missing printer or scanner. As I asked will using the system recovery disc return to factory settings? Grateful for all help.

  SANTOS7 15:57 24 Oct 2004

Short answer, yes it will,good luck.........

  Mozarella 16:36 24 Oct 2004

Thanks for info Santos7

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