the system recovered from a serios error

  wis 19:12 31 Jul 2008

just done clean install on mates desk top he was having problems with.xp home install ok on third
attemp. now get system shutdown very often.goes
re start fires back up with above message
details bccode 10000050 bcp1 e28fe7fc
bcp2 00000000 bcp3 f772ca1a bcp4 00000002 osver 5-1-2600 sp 1.0 product 768-1

can anyone help i dont have a clue from this

  wis 19:40 31 Jul 2008

could it be cpu temp causing shut down restart

  Ditch999 19:42 31 Jul 2008

Could be faulty memory. Download memtest click here and create a bootable floppy or CD then boot from it and run the tests for a while.

  wis 20:02 31 Jul 2008

thanks for that ill give it a go

  bjh 20:07 31 Jul 2008

Has it done Windows Updates yet? One cause of this on some Athlon nForce4 boards was rectified in a later Windows update... Although your board may be different, updates may solve it the same...

However, worrying that you say "ok on third
attemp. .."

Could you clarify this?

  wis 20:42 31 Jul 2008

on trying new full format install, on two occassions it stated can not copy file,retry skip
ect, only on third go did it copy 100%

updates,ive used his proper xp home sp1 disc
gone to updates it trys to load sp2, but this pc
goes off and reboots no chance

many thanks

  Ditch999 20:49 31 Jul 2008

Did you do a chkdsk /r before installing XP?
If not you should run one now.

  wis 20:57 31 Jul 2008

trying sp2 again when finished or aborted ill try
your move

  wis 21:06 31 Jul 2008

ran chkdsk /r . came straight up volume is clean
on average its about every 8 mins it goes reboot
on updates,at the moment ive left it at the windows opening page touched nothing ill see how long it stays up

  wis 21:21 31 Jul 2008

ok the system will sit at the start ok does not reboot,when i go updates then it only lasts so long, on my last try message came up not seen
before , not enough space or something like
do you know how to expand, this could be the problem,as soon as i put the pc to work it reboots

  Ditch999 23:19 31 Jul 2008

Go to System Properties>Advanced>Under "Start up and Recovery" click on "Settings" and under "System Failure" take the tick out of "Automatically Restart" and put a tick in the "Write an Event to the System Log" box.

Try a reboot then an update download.

Post error message here when you get BSOD

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