System Processor/s Anomaly?

  Graphicool1 13:04 13 Oct 2011

Windows 7 - FF7 - IE9

My new PC seems to me to be running below par. There are many little things, that make me think that it's not firing on all cylinders/processors? Mainly, everytime I open a folder or file there is a lag a brief waiting time before something happens?

So I went to a website that said it could speed up W7. One of the first things it said was how many processors have you got? Then it said the quickest way to check was to the search bar and open the 'Boot' tab. He said top left it will tell you how many processors you have. I followed his directions and it listed my PC as having only one (1).

However, in it's drop down box there was an option to change this to either 1 - 2 - 3 or 4? I was under the impression that the number originally showing was the number of processors my PC actually has.

So I went to the 'Device Manager' and it (like me) seemed under the impression that I actually have 4 processors.

Question: Is my PC running slow because hitherto it's only been firing on 1 processor?...CLICK HERE

  birdface 13:23 13 Oct 2011

Do you have an Ad-blocker downloaded this can normally speed things up a bit.

or try Command prompt and type in ipconfig /flushdns it should tell you that the dns cache has been cleared so worth a try.

sfc /scannow. chkdsk.or defragment might help.

Or just go into Task manager and open up a few pages just to see what is using up most of the CPU.

Switch automatic updates of temporary to see if that helps.

  birdface 13:46 13 Oct 2011

Same as mine Medion 64/Bit W/7 quad processor.

  Graphicool1 14:52 13 Oct 2011

Hi buteman

Thanks for responding, I guess everyone else is having their afternoon nap? I do have an ad blocker as it happens.

I have run...sfc /scannow and chkdsk

The PC is only around 3 months old, I haven't as yet done much with it or got much on it.

'Task Manager' recons that the biggest user is FF. But this doesn't really help much as it's not the online speed that is concerning me, it's the off line speed or rather lack of it.

I've changed the msconfig Boot number of processors to 4, but it hasn't made any difference. I have 4Gig Ram, I know in the greater scheme of things this isn't a huge amount. But being as I don't play memory hogging games, only Back Gammon or Free Cell and knowing Windows only uses 3GB, I felt that this would be adequate for my needs. However I haven't got down to any serious graphics yet, so I have no idea what will happen then?

  Graphicool1 15:26 13 Oct 2011


I now have a PC on speed, I've added a 14GB Flash drive - 'ReadyBoost'

  gengiscant 16:08 13 Oct 2011

ReadyBoost's effect is most evident when used on systems with limited resources. On systems with ample system memory, fast hard drives and large page files, ReadyBoost has little effect with most applications.

  Graphicool1 19:13 13 Oct 2011


You'd think that wouldn't you? So explain why my PC is lagging in many areas. It isn't just the ReadyBoost that's made the difference, I've been showering my PC with all sorts of speed boost tweaks, that I got from that site you gave me the link

I still can't get 'System Restore' to work though, so I've given up totally on that.

  birdface 14:26 14 Oct 2011

Have you tried system restore in safe mode or even system repair in safe mode.

Have you updated to the latest flash and Java programs.

Give this a run to make sure you are getting the proper speed.

  gigagiggles 15:10 14 Oct 2011

I, too, have experienced a performance reduction on a recently purchased top-of-the-line laptop.

Most annoying are the games that came pre-installed with W7 + sp1. Without an active screensaver, an idle laptop should not take almost 5 seconds, sometimes longer, to bring up one of these games. It should be near-instantaneous.

My non-professional conclusion leans toward either the .net framework or visual c++ updates, security updates and additions since the purchase. Since they are integral to many MS programs and system, the options to remediate are very limited.

However, I may or may not be a typical user. I use CCleaner. I use Norton. I turned off some MS tasks and services. My taskmanager processes numbered in the 30's. Perhaps, one of these are culpable. But these have always been part of my computer experience and I had never experienced such a performance reduction.

Norton had a recent upgrade (2012) fraught with problems. It seems unlikely but still possible that Norton is responsible.

  Graphicool1 13:25 16 Oct 2011

Hi buteman

"Have you tried system restore in safe mode"...Yes. I also made sure it was turned on and I'd allowed enough save space. It says it has saved it, but when I try to restore it says it can't. It has been mooted that the saves might have been corrupted. So I also tried to do a system backup. once again it goes through the motions, makes all the right noises, as it were. But as soon as it finishes it says it couldn't do it and I should try again and again and again.!?

I now do my system backups with COMODO Time Machine, no problem there.

"Have you updated to the latest flash and Java programs."...Yes. My system is 100% up to date with all backups, as it is kept that way in real time by Secunia PSI.

"system repair in safe mode."...No.

But I have run - sfc /scannow and CHKDSK, they took around 5 mins to complete and found nothing.

I ran your 'SpeedTest' link, only because you supplied it....

Here is the result: Download 2438kbps - Upload 362kbps

However, regardless of the result online speed isn't the issue here, it's the off line speed I'm concerned about. When you buy a brand new PC with a quad processor and 4GB ram and click on a folder, file or icon, you don't expect to get a definate lag in response. Likewise, when they open, I expect to see the contents immeadiately. What I don't expect to see - 'in the case of pictures or icons' - are placeholders, that take their time converting. Even clicking on a browser the home page opens piecemeal, initially it shows a framework, with gaps where you can see the desktop through. Compared to my old WinXP, single processor and 2GB ram PC, this new Windows 7 PC is old and decrepid.

What is going to happen when I attempt to start working on it? As my PCA handle - 'Graphicool1' - implies, my work is mainly in graphics. I am a Photographer, Artist and also a Poet and Musician. This PC sruggles to cope with turning it on, so how will it cope with memory hungry graphics and music?

It would seem, from his post that gigagiggles is also having a similiar problem.

I'm begining to think that it might be an HDD or RAM issue?

  birdface 13:49 16 Oct 2011

The system repair in safe mode is harmless just a matter of making sure the keyboard is set for UK.Should only take about 5 minutes.

Maybe some of your drivers needing updated.Although no yellow marks in Device manager does not mean that some of them need updating.

Did you remove any security or anti-virus programs that came with the computer,Sometimes when they are not removed using the makers removal tool you can get problems.The proper removal tools can be downloaded from the internet.

When in device Manager make sure all your drivers are digitally signed Microsoft reacts badly to unsigned drivers.

In services make sure DNS Client is set to automatic.

You have not downloaded a new Host file have you.

I used to get very slow browsing using I/e and it took me a year to figure out it was the new Host file that was causing the problems.

Last thought.I posted in someones thread last week about a virus that gets downloaded to I/E and it also affects Firefox so not sure if that could be the problem.I will pass it on if I can find it again.

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