System Optimization - Black arts or what?

  cocteau48 10:23 27 Jul 2007

The system has been running reasonably well of late using CCleaner regularly and with the additional use of Advanced Windows care and WinASO.
Today I noticed the Giveaway Of The Day site was promoting something called Premium Boost.
click here
With an Acronis Image created only a few hours ago to fall back on if necessary I decided to give it a go.
Scanned (over 380 apparent errors found!)and repaired everything in sight - defragged and optimized.
Result? Well things are certainly faster and smoother than before and there do not appear to have been ill effects or anything which cannot be reversed through the optimization settings.
I certainly would not advise anyone to try it without some form of backup in case it does not suit your system and I cannot yet say if I will keep it long term but thus far I am reasonably impressed - even if I have no idea as to whether those 380+ errors were genuine or not!

  sunny staines 16:07 27 Jul 2007

I use the same 3 programs as you do have you noticed that AWC2 undoes the optimize settings of WINASO and vice versa i found the AWC2 optimize settings faster.

Has this trial program interfered with these settings too?

could you try running the optimise settings please in both and report back please as i am keen to try, but having just reloaded after a bad corrupted crash last weekend a bit cautious.

  cocteau48 16:47 27 Jul 2007

Good afternoon sunny staines
Yes it like a game of ping pong running the optimization settings in AWC and WinASO although I must admit to not using the WinASO optimization.
I ran the AWC optimization after the Premium Booster prog and the only item which it came up with was a change to the Windows visual settings values which was no surprise as this is raised on the "givaway of the day" comments page and can be easily reset to default or whatever your preference.
There is also reference on the same comments page to the scheduler.exe part of the prog carrying a back door trojan. I opted out of the scheduler option and have run full AV and antispyware scans with nothing found.
So far as the 380+ errors are concerned I reckon,as with most paid for progs,that they are mostly false positives - the usual arm twist to get you to part with your cash!
As I said I had a very recent Acronis Image to fall back on - so I said yes to everything straight out of the box to see what would happen.
Nothing untoward has happened but I am sure that everything is running just that little bit sweeter.
Have a read through the comments postings on the GOTD site and you will see that it has upset some folks systems so I would advise that you have some form of concrete backup available before giving it a go. Just because it has not upset my system means diddly squat!

  rawprawn 16:55 27 Jul 2007

Good afternoon cocteau48, I run WinAso which I find very good, but I don't use AWC. I will try Premium Boost, but run WinAso first and see what happens, and if there are differences.
I will post back the results.

  cocteau48 16:56 27 Jul 2007

Should have added that if you do give it a whirl DO NOT CLICK ON THE UPDATE BUTTON it will revert back to the 30 day trial version of the prog.

  alB 17:03 27 Jul 2007

Some people seem to suggest this software appears to install IRC Backdoor Trojan and Network Worm W32-Agobot LQ in the scheduler, it could be a false positive but worth bearing in mind ...alB

  sunny staines 17:04 27 Jul 2007

Just run premium boost after reading all the reviews i too opted out of scheduler and had AWC2 correct the optimise setting to visual settings.

liked the reg defrag,the jury is still out as to is the pc faster need more time to play, but no problems so far.

pleased with download thanks for posting it up on the forum.

  rawprawn 17:35 27 Jul 2007

Well, I am uncertain but have decided to play safe and uninstall it.
It found 95 problems (After Winaso scan) and I let it delete all and I then ran defrag and all the rest. after it had finished I ran Winaso again, it found no problems but was unable to scan "File Extensions" Optimise made no difference. I am going to use System restore to go back to square one.
I am not saying that there is a real problem but I do not feel inclined to leave it on my machine.
What is it about us that persuades us to try "Yet another program" when there is nothing wrong? Curiosity? we feel we are missing something? I don't know, but I am as guilty as the next man!

  cocteau48 17:47 27 Jul 2007

"but I am as guilty as the next man!"

"Guilty as charged m'lud"
and a desire to prove that there IS such a thing as "a free lunch" - even if means choking in the process!

  rawprawn 18:17 27 Jul 2007

Is not for me, system restore left Winaso still unable to read File Extensions. I have had to reinstall WinAso.There were also some problems clearing out left over bits of Premium Boost which I have now resolved.
"Free Lunch" LOL

  sunny staines 10:42 28 Jul 2007

after running P/Boost ran winaso which found no errors,then ran awc2 which found no reg errors and corrected optimise item i mentioned earlier.

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