System not running at correct processor speed

  PorkChop'UK 21:56 28 Sep 2004


Ive recently upgraded my cpu from 1.6Ghz to the maximum recommended size allowed by my mobo/manufacturer and its running at 1792mhz rather than 2400mhz.
I followed the manufacturers instructions to the letter for fitting the cpu and cant understand why its only running at 1.8 rather than 2.4Ghz.

ive ran a cpu detection program called cpuz which detected the following :

specification 2.4Ghz Northwood
core speed: 1792ghz
multipier: x18
FSB: 99.6mhz
bus speed: 398.4mhz

Would i be correct in saying my bus speed is incorrect?..1.6Ghz P4's run at 400mhz and 2.0Ghz's and above run at 533mhz?

What do i do to get the processor to run at 2.4?

P.S ive tried HP support and cant find any topics relating to this.

Help greatly appreciated.

System specs are:
P4 2.4Ghz (previously 1.6Ghz)
Win xp home sp2
pheonix award bios
x2 512 ,1024 DDR-ram (crucial)
Nvidia geforce 4ti 64mb
512k dsl

  Cuddles 21:58 28 Sep 2004

Have you set the jumpers correctly on the motherboard?

  PorkChop'UK 22:11 28 Sep 2004

thanks for the feedback...

No i never changed the jumpers HP never included this in the cpu replacement instructions, would this explain why im running at 1.8?...I take it jumpers determine the allowed frequency?

How do i change the jumpers on the mobo or is this a question best resolved by HP?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 22:39 28 Sep 2004

Older computers used jumpers to change settings most of the newer (last couple of years) settings are changed in BIOS)

  PorkChop'UK 23:00 28 Sep 2004

Thanks for that...

could you tell me the settings i need to change and what to do within the bios?

Sorry for being a pain i just want to make sure i get things right.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:09 28 Sep 2004

click here for manuals but really need to know make and model of your motherboard?

Belarc advisor click here will tell you.

  PorkChop'UK 23:30 28 Sep 2004

Hi i found this info direct from HP...hope it helps...

Motherboard Supplier

System BIOS Supplier

Form Factor

Processor Brand

Processor Socket Type
mPGA478 (Socket-478)

Processor Family
Pentium(R) 4,

(Northwood, Willamette)

Maximum Processor Core Frequency
>=2.4GHz Northwood,

2.0GHz Willamette

Proc. Front Side Bus Freq.

Chipset Name

Chipset "North Bridge" & Revision

Chipset "South Bridge" & Revision
961- A2

Super I/O
ITE- IT8705F

Flash BIOS Device
2Mb Flash

Memory Type

Memory Speed

Memory Sockets

Maximum Memory

256Mbit Memory Support

Graphics Supplier

Graphics Configuration
Down, In Chipset

Onboard Graphics Memory
UMA, up to 64MB

Graphics Connector (AGP)

I looked in my BIOS and it seemed as though i was unable to acsess/change any info on the bus speed?..(locked out in grey)
I hope this means it doesnt require a password reset and bios flash?

  hugh-265156 00:19 29 Sep 2004

most of the shelf systems use a custom bios set up and dont let you play with fsb,multiplier and memory timing settings in case you wreck it and then want support so thats why the settings are unavailable in the set up menu.

i have a gigabyte mobo with the same sis650/961 chipset, this too supports up to a 2.4 northwood and my bios is granny friendly too. what this means is its just a case of changing the cpu and all the settings are then set up for me automatically when i turn on, no jumpers required.

i had a look around the HP website for your motherboard manual and any updates for bios etc and didnt have any luck click here& was all i could find in documentation sorry.

try using this and see what it says maybe click here

what may also help a bit is if you can find out you exact FIC mobo model you have then a generic manual may be available for download. try everest home etd. click here download and install it and then click 'computer/summary' and look at the info reported for the motherboard, may help you a bit.

  hugh-265156 00:21 29 Sep 2004

ps. as far as i know the sis650/961 i have only supports 400mhz fsb P4`s up to 2.4

  PorkChop'UK 00:43 29 Sep 2004

Hi thanks Huggy for the effort put in....

ive found my exact mobo its an FIC V131

looks more and more likely i should have shelled out for a new system instead of opting for the upgrade on the crappy HP.
I feared it was fsb 400 only..:(

Im waiting for a response from HP tech supp.hope they turn up some good news

Ill keep u guys updated thanks all


  hugh-265156 00:58 29 Sep 2004

yeah sorry, you can still get P4 2.4 400mhz fsb cpu`s via online retailers no problem. if the one you have installed is 533mhz new type then that would explain it running at only 1.8ghz i guess.

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