system monitor

  rupie 20:56 13 Jan 2006

Where can I get a monitoring program that can tell me all the specific infomation on the componants of my PC. I most importantly need voltage and temp, a history graph would be very usefull. This is for diagnostic purposes. I do not need to know about the stare of windows. ?????????

  VoG II 21:00 13 Jan 2006

MBM Monitor will do temps and voltages click here

  VoG II 21:02 13 Jan 2006

Also Everest - I hope that click here is the free version; it isn't free anymore.

  rdave13 21:06 13 Jan 2006

That's going to be a big loss.Use Everest often.

  rupie 23:23 13 Jan 2006

I have down loaded MBM monitor and my voltages are all over the place.
core 1 1.36v
core 2 1.74
+3.3v 3.28v
+5.0v 8.16v
+12v 12.22v
-12v -4.13v
-5.0v -5.93
cpu temp is 50c

using pentium 4 3418mhz chip on a gigabyte ga-8anxp-d motherboard
the only thing is that i could not find my motherboard name in the list in the software

  rupie 23:57 13 Jan 2006

the -12.0v sensor has given me readings from between -1.5v to -12.3v and the -5.0v has fluctulated between -2 and -5v

  Skyver 00:32 14 Jan 2006

MBM hasn't been updated since 18 June 2004, mobo designs have changed since then (your board was released after that date for a start), see if Gigabyte has a diagnostic tool or system monitor you can download.
If your mobo was not in the list of boards, then the weird voltage readings shouldn't be such a surprise.

  rupie 22:54 14 Jan 2006

thanks for your help. I have found that my cpu is overheating and that is what I was worried about, and I know how to sort that out...

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