System Mechanic 4

  User-F2431D4F-62D0-4437-928506E1A8EE85F7 13:25 17 Nov 2003

Does anybody run the above program on their Pcs?
If not what alternative do you use instead as I find who sell the product are not very helpful when it comes to quering their product?

  plsndrs3 13:45 17 Nov 2003

But have the same experience of Iolo as you do.

Asking them for assistance is like pulling teeth -only more painful!! I gave up contacting Iolo for help some time ago & just mess about now until I can get it to work - or I just don't bother with that particular add on. The problem is that the package is, on the whole, very good at its job so I have no desire to remove it just because the technical help is nearly non-existant.

What is the issue - just in case I have already found a work around? ....





  JIM 13:57 17 Nov 2003

what problem are you having? + Win OS.

Are you still trying out the product?

I find that there web site covers most answers to poss problems or explainations.Also find the software help files explain well, including precuations to take with the program if you are not sure what to do.

click here

click here

Though i use ver 3.8 the downloadable
System Mechanic® 3 User Reference Manual is a good visual aid.

A last resort unless you say what the problem is,can be had this way.

(would not recommend paying for help)


Open a Technical Support Ticket
Can't find an answer to a problem you are experiencing with System Mechanic 4? Open a technical support ticket and one of our qualified support technicians will be happy to assist you with any problems you may be having.

Please note that many issues can be resolved by the information contained on our website. We would appreciate it if you would utilize our online resources before opening a support ticket.

Thanks for your response Paul, but with this company they are overcharging people for the product. I purchased system mechanic 3 on my last PC being win98se and advised some colleagues to have a go with the product. They asked me the price I paid for it, $34.95 but when they asked the price they were asking for $59.95 . When my friend queried the price and said I had bought the program for $34.95 ,iolo said I must have pirated off them. To my disgust I sent them a copy of my purchase for the product which at the time was being sold by for the $34.95 price.
As it is System Mechanic 4 can be purchased for $34.95 at this moment not what they are asking for$49.95!
They did not like the thought of being challenged for their product by another website.



  plsndrs3 14:40 17 Nov 2003

That's EXACTLY what happened to me!!

I was challenged with the comment 'Are you sure you have a legal product?' which panicked me. I offered to fax my receipt from Dabs but they were having none of it. I asked why I was being refused support for a product I legally owned and they just replied with the illegal product stance. I didn't put this in my post as I was hoping that this was a one-off [or that I got an absolutely fantastic deal in error] and couldn't see the point in stirring it.

I believed that they were saying that, as I didn't buy System Mechanic from them [at their inflated price] they would not recognise it or support it. That is why I won't go back to them for support or to upgrade in the future. It's not as though I had bought it from Del boy off a back-street stall or that I would not offer proof of purchase to them.

It's a pity really, because the product is VERY good at doing what it does. Worth £35, but not worth an extra £10 to get technical support!!

And the FAQs you can get access to are very simple issues - not like mine [could not get it to work in XP homeon my old drive!]



  Jester2K II 14:54 17 Nov 2003

Theres nothing in SM4 that can't be had for free (LEGALLY) with a handful of other programs.

Tell us which features you use and we can advise Freeware alternatives.

  plsndrs3 15:17 17 Nov 2003

Just a point of order, but mine IS legal - & I would imagine so is that owned by wise14u from their posting. Personally I got product key code, registered it on line, bought from a reputable source, the lot. Just Iolo don't want to accept that for some reason? Just one of those impulse buys from me whilst looking for a new CD Burner, I'm afraid. Still, it does the job - just moaning about the company's attitude to its customers and the [complete] lack of technical support because I didn't buy at an inflated price from THEM!

Personally, I have no problems with it an not looking for alternatives - as I said it is really a good tool.


  Jester2K II 15:24 17 Nov 2003

I wasn't disputing the legality of your copies... Just pointing put what you probably already knew...

  plsndrs3 15:30 17 Nov 2003

Appreciated, I know you are always trying to help.Just thought I'd stop the storm of holier-than-thou brigade barking up the wrong tree ;o)

  Jester2K II 15:34 17 Nov 2003

I think (v tired) i thought you were going to dump the SM4 and where looking for alternatives.... However reading back through it i can't see how i came to that conclusion!!! Perhaps i thought it was an annual subscription program and i was mentioning it for when the sub is up - but its not an annual sub program is it??

  plsndrs3 15:50 17 Nov 2003

No yearly subscription [it's similar to Systemsuite, Norton Utilities et al] but I was expecting a future phone call to upgrade when available. They REALLY don't want to 'find' my registration details & call me now. Would I enjoy that call - rotflmao

It has a spyware checker [like Adaware, but not as regularly updated], registry cleaner [I use this alongside Regscrub XP]delete file junk files, clean internet track, eliminate pop-ups all the usual except for AV [I use AVG]

Thanks for your concern J2K

Best Regards,


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