System maintenance?

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Hello everyone,

I have been visiting this very interesting site for a few months now and have learnt a great deal. I now have a PC that works properly (or as well as they ever do)even a network now which I would never have been able to do without help from this forum. Perhaps I should get to the point, what I would like to do is to keep everything in good order by running
maintenance progs during the night.

Not familiar with scheduling tasks but this may be how to do it. I would like to run progs like A/V, Spybot,adaware,registry mechanic,auto updates of whatever at say 2am daily and then the machine to shut down. Once shutdown I should not have to run the virus scan again on booting I think.

Would like to do on a weekly basis, disKcheck,defrag,full system backup, all at night
and automatically.

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  rawprawn 10:26 12 Feb 2006

You can only schedule programs to run if they are capable of automatic scheduling,in other words it must be part of their own internal software. I use F Secure Internet Security 2006
click here which has it's own AV and antispyware programs and you can schedule it to do a complete scan of the computer at any time although just how you would then turn your computer off I am not sure.I can recomend F Secure, not a single thing has got through since I started using it about 2 months ago.

  [DELETED] 10:37 12 Feb 2006

You do not need to run the programmes daily as this is total overkill. Just ensure that your AV and spyware progs are up to date. They usually provide real-time cover. You certainly do not need to run defrag weekly and there is a body of people that think that this can have a detrimental effect.

Run defrag once every 4 months unless you are a mad keen gamer; if you are, then run it weekly.

Run Ccleaner click here every week or so, it takes 20 seconds.

You do not need to run disk check more than once every 6 Months, if at all.

Assuming your AV is up to date a full scan once a month (I never run a full scan as I am confident in using AVG).

Run reg mechanic once a month or so.

All these take little time and can be done whilst you are working on other things so you do not need to faff about with schedules. Most AVs auto update as well so you have no need to faff with these.


  [DELETED] 10:59 12 Feb 2006

thanks for your replies, looks like I was going a bit OTT. I will take your advice.


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