System locks and restarts

  Snrub 12:16 21 Nov 2011

After a system crash and reboot Event Viewer shows the following two faults. The System locks and restarts WHEA-Logger Event ID 18 and Service Control Manager Event ID 7023 — Service Stop Operations. This is info given on Microsoft IT Professional website. To troubleshoot this kind of kernel crash issue, we need to debug the crashed system dump. Unfortunately, debugging is beyond what we can do in the forum. Can PCA Forum help resolve the problem please?

  Graphicool1 14:12 21 Nov 2011

Check this out...CLICK HERE

  Snrub 16:32 21 Nov 2011

Thanks, interesting and may be the cause of problem (low memory usage) but this article refers to hot fixes on windows server 2003 and XP. I can see nothing for W7?

  Snrub 23:20 24 Nov 2011

Event Manager faults almost meaningless in trying to interpret them so gave up on that approach. Device Manager in windows suggested all my drivers were up to date confirmed by running the Intel automatic driver updater from their website which showed no updates required. Getting nowhere and not getting any answers from the PCA Forum I decided to run a program SIW which gives a detailed breakdown of full system on computer. I then noticed a SIW update called AIDA64 Extreme Edition for W7 64bit and tried this program. When I ran it and tried driver updates it launched a website called with a free scan to check driver updates and running this gave me a list of 5 drivers which were out of date. Yes youv'e guessed it you had to pay for downloading the program to run them, but armed with the full details of driver descritions I manually trawled the updates out by googling them individually by trial and error. Surprisingly, Intel updates were available on the chipset and graphics driver and audio(realtek)which were not suggested from Intels own website updater or Windows Device Manager. Having run the driver updates I appear to have a stable computer once more.

  rdave13 00:38 25 Nov 2011

Snrub. Interesting what you say. In a very smaller way I had a driver problem concerning stereo-mix in Win 7 not present on the onboard audio chip. Same old story and couldn't run Audacity. Device Manager showed all OK so I tried to update the driver via DM but Win 7 said all up to date.

Now DM showed the audio chip as High Definition Audio and no other info. So went to properties, details tab and selected Hardware Ids. Copied the ID top line and Googled. All came back as Realtek. Tried Belarc and that failed, only to show High Definition Audio. So back to Device Manager and the audio chip then selected update driver but this time selecting 'browse my computer for software' and lo and behold it showed it was Realtek.

So back to searching Realtek High Definition Audio driver for Win 7 64-bit and C|Net kindly gave me the download. Installed and rebooted and my 'old friend' stereo-mix was back. Hence Audacity also up and running.

Wonder what Microsoft are gaining making these drivers so difficult to update, especially when someone has troubles to your degree?

As far as event viewer is concerned then, in my humble opinion, it can give confusing information, as it is showing what occurred but does not identify what really causes the problem.

  Graphicool1 13:34 28 Nov 2011


For future use CLICK HERE this is what I use. It's called 'SlimDrivers'. Install it and run it. It's totally free. It will check all the drivers on your system, it then backs them up. then it checks for newer ones and installs them.

  Snrub 14:13 29 Nov 2011

Thanks Graphicool 1 that's interesting, ran 'Slim Drivers free' and showed 17 driver updates recommended and tries to push Driver Manager which you have to pay for if you want to automate downloading all required drivers in one go. However, if you stick with 'Slim Drivers' you can download them one by one. I did this and of the 17 recommended about half came up that I had a later driver version installed, so declined these updates. This program is well worth a try and seems to have worked ok.

  Graphicool1 15:29 29 Nov 2011


I also use 'Driver Max' that's free. But you are limited to how many you download a day. CLICK HERE One tip though, if it tells you that there are drivers available, make sure you only download the ones that say...This driver is digitally signed

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