System Locking up

  TRICKY 23:18 04 Jun 2005

Any one help? I know it is a long shot. But I have a problem where my system locks up quite frequently. I am running Windows XP Home Edition. Fans are running.

I have run updated Norton Antivirus program and not viruses have been found.

Where shall i Look to find out what is wrong.

  TRICKY 23:30 04 Jun 2005

Sorry I forgot to say. After a lock/freeze up of the system. On pressing the Reset button, sometimes it take 3 or 4 attempts before Windows Xp gets through its boot up and let me on again. The blue line that goes across screen while booting windows stops and everything locks. I sometimes have to reset 3 or 4 times before it gets through this. I have not loaded anything new prior to this problem occuring.

  Completealias 23:40 04 Jun 2005

Is there any thing in common to the lock ups or is it just random?

eg are you always using the same program for instance

  Number 7 00:13 05 Jun 2005

From what you say, It would seem that the CPU is overheating, and the BIOS is "freezing" Windows when the CPU overheats.

Normally the BIOS will sound an alarm (beeps) when the CPU overheats, but not always- sometimes the system will just freeze.

I'd check the contact between the CPU and its cooler, whether the fan is running or not.

  TRICKY 10:55 05 Jun 2005


No, no set pattern. For instance is has taken me 7 attempts to get on today. System freezing at different places. While windows scroller going across screen to freezing prior to logging on as a user, to finally getting to open explorer and freezing. Then the 7th time it let me on.

Number 7
I must admit it sounds like its going. I did notice very quickly that when I first started up and had the intial black screen, in bottom left it said CPU Fan 104 degrees something. Thats after being switched off all night.

I will open up and check fan.

Thanks for advice guys.

Ps its worked for 20 mins now with a freeze.

  TRICKY 18:13 05 Jun 2005

OOOOOOps accessing this from somewhere else now. As i entered my last entry above, got a long continous beep from computer, it locked up, couldnt switch off by switch on front, or use reset button. So had to switch off from mains. Hope it hasnt died on me

  TRICKY 15:27 06 Jun 2005


After many attempts to get on today. I finally got the computer to load. But as soon as I tried copying to a disc, it crashed again. I know this sounds pretting terminal. But I have a stack of photos I want to get off before the machine is finally put to rest. Any ideas anyone?

  Number 7 20:18 06 Jun 2005

If it's intermittent I'd have a look inside the case and make sure all the cards/memory/connections are fully seated.

A long continuous beep usually indicates a heat problem- do you have a motherboard manual that explains the beep codes?

  Completealias 20:26 06 Jun 2005

Once you've checked all the connections when you reboot leave the side panel off and make sure all the fans are running especially the one on top of the heatsink.

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