System Info not working!!!

  [DELETED] 14:10 19 Jul 2004


please help

my system information comes up blank! The drive searches for a little then nothing.

I get the same sound from my hard drive when I right-click on the desktop, it searched for a good 30 secs while the system freezes, then its fine

any ideas???



  BurrWalnut 14:54 19 Jul 2004

I assume you're running XP, if so, try this, it may work :-

Go to the shortcut for System Information, right click it, then Properties, Shortcut Tab and in the Target box add the words (without quotes) " /categories +all -loadedmodules" to the end of it. NOTE the spaces between words.

  [DELETED] 16:43 19 Jul 2004

hi, thanks

tried it but it made no difference, the drive still makes a noise for about 30-40 secs then nothing, just a blank system info box

  Graham ® 19:51 19 Jul 2004

This is a question often asked! I have asked it myself, and it's still not working! Put 'system information' in Search on this site. If you find the solution, do let us know.

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