System Image use hard disc or dvds

  gel 07:44 26 Aug 2012

I have created a system image for my lap top It took 5 4.7 dvd+rw discs My lap top has 2 hard discs c 200gb and d 240 gb Would it be better to create the system image on d disc rather than on dvds If I recreate a system image at a later date will it replace the image I have created or make a new image

  sharpamat 08:16 26 Aug 2012

My Advice would be to obtain an external drive and save the image to that. Whilst your system may have 2 partions named C/D its presumed these are both on one drive.

Any disc image is of the computer at the time it was made. It will not replace itself at a later date.

  hastelloy 09:30 26 Aug 2012

I'm with sharpamat

DVDs (particularly RWs)are prone to corruption over time. An external HDD is much more reliable.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:36 26 Aug 2012

Gel, if you're talking about your laptop manufacturer's recovery-disk creation program then it usually only allows your to create one backup set using blank CDs or DVDs. That image is made from the files in the laptop's (usually hidden) recovery partition. If you ever need to use the disks then it will return your laptop back to how it was when it left the factory. The program doesn't usually allow users to create current backups although I think some Acer laptops have image-creation software bundled with the laptop.

Or are you perhaps talking about an image-creation program such as Acronis True Image that I recommended last week? Which ever one it is, saving image files to your laptop's internal hard disk is never a good idea because it won't help in cases of hard-disk failure, theft, or fire/flood damage. You really need to save image files to an external hard drive as recommended by sharpamat.

It's probably best if you tell us which program you're talking about and the make and model of your laptop.

  gel 10:03 26 Aug 2012

Thank you for your comments I am nearly there on this one My lap top is an ASUS K53U series I have created recovery discs on 5 DVD+RW discs and I have created a system image on a further 5 DVD+RW discs But since the laptop has a d hard drive of 200 GB capacity and I am not sure what to use it for I thought it may be convenient to load the system image on this hard drive ,but I can understand the points that have been made regarding fire etc ,

On the laptop there is a facility suggesting 3 options for factory recovery 1 back up to DVD/BD 2 create ISO backup files for DVD 3 create backup file4s for Blu-ray disc

since I have made recovery discs I thought I was covered but I may need a little more help please gel

  Secret-Squirrel 10:54 26 Aug 2012

" I thought it may be convenient to load the system image on this hard drive"

As I thought, the factory-restore system image is already on the hard drive - see here.

"there is a facility suggesting 3 options for factory recovery"

You've already made the factory recovery disks. If you make a second set then they'll be the same as the first. A factory recovery puts your laptop back to how it was when new.

If you want to create your own current system images then invest in an external hard drive and the software I mentioned. If you don't want to pay for the True Image software then I'm sure someone can recommend a free alternative.

  gel 10:59 26 Aug 2012

Thank you Secret-Squirrel I am a silver surfer and often need help. Without this forum I think I would abandon computers Thank you gel

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:06 26 Aug 2012

You have already made the factory restore disks so forget those.

Weekly system and data images are what I do to make sure I lose nothing important files are backed up as soon as I make the files. then deleted after the second image is taken as they can ten be extracted from an image.

All images are on a separate external drive, a failed drive loses everything otherwise. Easier to keep several images on a drive rather than keep wasting DVDs for images. DVD RWs are not good enough for backups.

Only ever had to restore in anger once and that was when trialling some Norton software, glad I had the images, as less than 20 minutes to restore the machine to as it was the previous week.

We recently had a very long thread on the forum trying to get back into a windows system where the owner did not have any backups, or system restore switched on and had not got the product key for his system so couldn't even do a clean install of windows.

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