System Idle Process running at 99% in task manager

  suedeblue 10:03 28 Aug 2011

I'm getting a recurring issue when i start my computer either from start up or sleep. The hard drive is active for anything from 30 minutes to 4 hours with no activity from me. In task manager it shows sytem idle process running at 99%. Can anyone point me in he right direction to stop this please.

  Nontek 10:07 28 Aug 2011

System Idle Process is quite normal at 90-99%.

But there is always something running/updating etc in the background, nothing unusual.

  birdface 10:17 28 Aug 2011

Like Nontek says that is normal if nothing is running.So nothing to worry about.

  suedeblue 10:20 28 Aug 2011

Thanks Nontek and Buteman. Should it run for as long as 4 hours though. It does seem to have an adverse affect on the general perfornace of the system.

  Nontek 10:21 28 Aug 2011

As I said, this is normal.

  Nontek 10:24 28 Aug 2011

Sorry, just noticed what you said about appearing to have an adverse effect. If this means simply slowing things down a bit, this again is normal, particularly in relation to Windows/Microsoft updates.

Are there any other symptoms of abnormality?

  birdface 10:41 28 Aug 2011

If system idle process is showing 99% it means that only 1% of the CPU is being used.

If anything else using up a lot of the CPU let us know what.

I used to have Driver Max downloaded and it used to use 100% of the CPU in short bursts so once I had finished using it I deleted it.

If you have a quiet PSU Like I do you can hear the hard drive ticking away even though there is nothing running.

If you just mean sluggish on this forum do not worry about it as it happens quite often as they try and fix some problems.

Or try running C Cleaner to get rid of all the junk.

Apart from that lack of ram or disc space could have the same effects.

  Secret-Squirrel 12:15 28 Aug 2011

"The hard drive is active for anything from 30 minutes to 4 hours with no activity from me."

Which version of Windows are you running? If it's Vista or 7 then it's usually possible to discover what's causing all that hard disk activity.

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