System hangs on Checking NVRAM

  The Nomad 12:02 26 Jan 2004

Hi all

I built a system for a friend about a month ago.

K7S5A Pro with LAN mobo
AMD Athlon 2000+XP CPU
Maxtor 80Gb Hdd

The system was working fine, although under clocked due to the PC 100 SDRAM that was being used.

On Saturday he bought some DDRAM 133/266 256Mb and after installing it the system booted to the post screen but did not see the CDRW or the CD drives (both on the same IDE channel) and the system went into a loop booting to the same stage all the time, the only way to turn it off was to pull the plug. He said the the fault with the drives was that the IDE cable had been dislodged due to the memory being put in, so he then made sure the the cable was in correctly and switched the system back on.
It was totally dead, nothing, no fans spinning no lights on, just dead.

Now this is how i got the PC yesterday to try and sort out.
On visual inspection all looks fine, so i dug out an old PSU of mine to try it out, this time the fans started and the lights came on, but no video (not knowing the condition of my old PSU) i thought OK we will test it with a new one today.

So i get the new PSU, then connect it up, and all i got was the fans coming on and the lights coming on, that is it again no video.

So i thought that i would try a different CPU, i have an old Duron 750 laying around for testing things out.
Now the system gets to the post screen (with video) but hangs on "Checking NVRAM"
I have Googled for "Checking NVRAM" and all the things i have read seem to point to:

Faulty Memory
mobo Battery (which is new with the mobo)
Clear CMOS

So i put his old SDRam back in and still get the same problem, i have cleared the CMOS by changing the jumper, and i have taken the battery out for 10 mins.

Now when i turn the system on sometimes it still hangs on "Checking NVRAM" and sometimes it hangs just after saying "Checking NVRAM..Update OK"

So does anybody have any idea's ??



  Â ÑÌÇKÑÂMË 12:25 26 Jan 2004

Could be the Ram i guess it pc 2100 ddr from the speed u mention i had a similar prob with the KS75A not the pro version but did have a built in Lan and found it was very picky at the type of Ram it would use,it wouldnt use ECC ram also i dont know how knew the bios is but some of the Mobos needed flashing to properly Run the XP range of CPU.Have you tried booting with the settings at 100/100 in bios see if it gets past post mine constantly locked at 133/133 and even 100/133 somtimes,i flashed bios and got some ram of the Crucial site that was compatable and it works like a dream now.Also i think u can turn the Ram checking bit off in bios or cancell it at post try that see if it boots when it doesnt check.


  The Nomad 13:12 26 Jan 2004

Thanks for the reply

The system was already running at 100/100 due to the SDRam

I have just unplugged all IDE cables from the mobo and switched it on, and it got passed the Checking NVRAM stage and then said that i can't find any drives, (you know the 4 lines of text it shows you for checking them.

So reconnected them one by one booting after each one and the system is fine now.
I then put the DDR memory back in and it booted fine, then i put his CPU back in and all is fine.

I did think of taking the cables out, but then thought what difference would it make.
If i would have done it i would not of had to write all this text.

He will be happy.


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