System Hangs on Boot

  jhomer 16:14 17 Nov 2006

Hi, Help please.
A couple of weeks ago I came to use my pc (which I leave turned on all the time) and found Norton was turned off, I thought this was strange so tried a reboot. As the system started up it stopped at the mother board screen and the hard disk stopped. I powered off and tried again and eventually found that if I wait about 60 secs at the motherboard screen the screen eventually goes blank, pauses and then the os boots (windows xp).
All seems very strange and I'm a little concerned. Any advice would be most welcome.
Thanks Jon

  Gongoozler 16:33 17 Nov 2006

Some viruses turn the antivirus off, and this was my first guess, but your comment about stopping at the motherboard screen makes me wonder if it's something else. I think the first thing to do is scan for malware. Try an online virus scan such as click here. You can also try malware scans such as Ewido click here and A-squared click here

  jhomer 13:42 22 Nov 2006

Thanks Gongoozler, I have tried the scans with no results, however I moved the pc to a different room yesterday and hence had it in pieces for a couple of hours.
When reassembled it booted up perfectly fine and has done every time since. Maybe it was feeling a little tired and needed a rest!!
Maybe you can help with a different problem, I have noticed lately that the pc is running very slowly sometimes using the internet. By calling up the task manager & checking the processes tab I have seen various Norton process's using 80%-90% of cpu capacity, sometimes 100% also my physical memory shows only 86200 available out of 523000. the cpu is pentium 4 1.5Ghz.
Any comments, is it possible to do a "clean up" of RAM?

  Gongoozler 14:54 22 Nov 2006

Norton is a notorious resource hog. Many users get on fine with it, but many others find it slows the computer right down e.g. click here. I use Avast click here and find it just as good at detecting viruses but without the resource hogging.

  freaky 19:08 22 Nov 2006

I note in your 1st post that you leave your PC on all the time. I recall reading somewhere that you should shut-down and then reboot occasionally.

The fact that you shut down to move it to another room and it was OK bears this out.

As regards your PC slowing down...Norton could be the cause as per Gongoozler's post above, especially if your PC has a relatively slow CPU.

  Gongoozler 19:13 22 Nov 2006

Regarding shut down and reboot, some programs aren't very good at managing memory, they take control of memory and don't release it when it's no longer needed. Shutting down and rebooting releases that memory.

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