System hang copying files from HD to HD

  [DELETED] 21:55 02 Dec 2003

Am running XP and getting a system crash half way through copying a folder from one hard disk to another. Folder contains a lot of image files. I cannot work out what is happening. The whole system crashes with HD indicator light stuck on, no mouse or keyboard function.

On restarting, check disk runs and once gave some information about file names having been truncated.

Does this give any clues as to what is going wrong?

  powerless 22:00 02 Dec 2003

How big is the folder?

System specs?

  [DELETED] 22:22 02 Dec 2003

Folder size is 3.68GB

System specs:
XP Home
on Asus A7N8X mobo with AMD XP2400 chipset (2GHz)

On checking folder properties for the size I noticed that the read only check box was showing that soem files were read only. Unchecked this and tried again and on about the fourth attempt files copies over without incident.

I wouldn't have thought read only status on files to be copied should have any effect though??

Only other thing I can think is that screensaver cutting in might be causing problem - doesn't open but this may be why?

Never had this problem with win98.

Do you know how I can check that my Hard Disks are both operating in DMA mode? I knew how to find this info in 98 but cannot find it in XP.

Thanks for your help.

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