System hang

  Digital 21:51 20 Jun 2003

My PC uses a Jetway V333DA board with an Athlon 1700XP cpu & 128Mb of DDR SDRAM (in the first bank), running W98SE. It has been running with no problems but since I added another 128Mb (in the second bank) it hangs at different times; the screen appears normal & the mouse pointer moves but there's no response to clicks, nor even to CTRL+ALT+DEL. I have made absolutely no other changes. Any ideas as to what might be amiss, pleeze?

  Philip2 15:58 21 Jun 2003

Your ram looks wrong your saying your using DDRAM and SDRAM as one is 168pin and DDR is 184pin i don't see how they would fit in the DIMM slot together.

  Digital 16:08 21 Jun 2003

Sorry Philip2 but I get confused! (Not alone in that I'm sure). The RAM is 184 pin DDR.

Since putting in my help plea I've realised that the only thing that isn't frozen is the mouse pointer so I've uninstalled my (Trust 12112) mouse driver & now it's just using the MS driver. I'll see what happens.

Yes I will try that Valvegrid but is there a memory test anywhere in DOS, I thought there was but can't find it - or am I being thick?

  Digital 21:36 08 Oct 2003

I'd forgotten to close this one, sorry! It was resolved by Crucial by them supplying a different make of RAM module. There was nothing apparently wrong with the first module supplied, the RAM tests referred to ran clean, but their techs seemed to have come across incompatibility problems before despite all modules being made to the same JEDEC spec.

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