System halted locked out!

  sanskrit 16:09 28 Jul 2003

I tried to install Norton system works 2003 onto millenium OS and after reboot I got the following message: "Windows protection error. You need to restart your computer. System halted". with a blue screen. I've tried to reboot and it just keeps coming up the same. I can access the system in safe mode but only with arrow keys. Any suggestions as how to get back to normal?

  DieSse 16:37 28 Jul 2003

Uninstall Norton?

  sanskrit 17:32 28 Jul 2003

I did manage to uninstall Norton bit by bit, but the problem still remains, unless there's a hidden file somewhere that I've missed.

  spikeychris 17:38 28 Jul 2003

Can you use system restore?

  sanskrit 19:09 28 Jul 2003

I've attempted system restore three times and it says the system was restored to an ealier time, but there was no change at bootup.

  Philip2 19:36 28 Jul 2003

Use your recovery disk looks like your boot files are corrupted all your data will be lost i hope your backed up.

  sanskrit 19:56 28 Jul 2003

I don't have recovery discs as such only a boot system disc. I've attempted several times but to no avail. I'm not concerned with lost data as it was just a back up machine with very little in it.

  Philip2 20:41 28 Jul 2003

I would do a full format you will have to get into DOS command if you were running Windows ME you should have a start up floppy to do this.

  Philip2 21:02 28 Jul 2003

If you haven't got a Windows ME floppy use the Norton Systemworks Disk but you will have to change first boot to CD in the bios if it then shows A:\ on boot up Type in format c: if that is the drive.
Every think will be lost you will have to install all your drivers ect.

  sanskrit 21:05 28 Jul 2003

I only have windows 98se oem CD and a millenium upgrade CD. Can a format be done with those discs? My CD drive is a bit tempremental and tends to pick up when it's in the mood!

  Philip2 23:20 28 Jul 2003

Put it in the drive Give it a go with the OEM did this come with your computer?an upgrade disk is of no use if you format you will always require a full version,Tip that is why you should always make a start up floppy.
Do you know anyone that has a 98 or ME floppy to lend you if the OEM doesn't work?

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