"The system is going down in 4 minutes"

  powerless 00:00 19 Aug 2003

I was 'surfing' the web...

www. pcadvisor .com | www. play. com | www. lloydstsb. com | www. windowsforum. org

All of sudden a message box popped reading.

"Microsoft Internet Explorer

The system is going down in 4 minutes"

Virus scan revealed nothing...Never seen that message before.

My 4 mins is still not up.

  powerless 00:10 19 Aug 2003

Times up!


My system did not go "down"

  woodchip 00:11 19 Aug 2003

Are you still there

  powerless 00:12 19 Aug 2003

Sure am ;-)

  powerless 00:25 19 Aug 2003

A standard Widows message box with an "ok" as the only clickable option.

I only found one reference in google groups. Nothing to help there...

  woodchip 00:26 19 Aug 2003

I think this system is going down it about 5 mins

  powerless 00:26 19 Aug 2003

Oh yeah don't have my signature on here...

Windows XP with SP1.

  powerless 00:45 19 Aug 2003

Event logs show nothing.

  powerless 07:10 19 Aug 2003

No not a messenger service box.

  powerless 18:22 19 Aug 2003

Well the system seems fine.

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